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    Hey! I've been making Nomed's Escape for a little while, and I'm nearing completion. I hope you'll give it a try and let me know how things are going!

    Nomed's Escape is a maze navigation game, but set up adventure-style. You are in full control and can move about the maze with arrow keys or touch/mouse controls. Avoid obstacles and enemies, and try for the best time you can! Shift will zoom out and let you get a better look at the maze, and it will show you your current time, but you're unable to move like this. There will be a touch equivalent soon.

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    Leaderboards should be working (through, but I don't have achievements functioning quite yet. I will also being creating the audio this week as well as fixing any issues that crop up. It runs pretty well in-browser on an ipad2 for me, and it runs well in a browser on a decent computer (mine is 6 years old). It should be a little above average for requirements as far as HTML5 games go.

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    Please give it a try and let me know what you think!

    <font size="5">Nomed's Escape</font>

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    -Arrow Keys/Touch/Mouse to move

    -Shift/Touch to zoom

    -ESC/Touch to pause

    -ENTER/Touch/Click to make selections

  • nice done

    smooth gameplay

    the zoom is a bit disappointing ...not far enough

    5 stars

  • Thanks for the reply! I'm still toying with the zoom level to see what will be the best for gameplay. I really want it to zoom out far enough to influence your immediate decisions, but not very much for planning out your route through the maze. I may back it out some more, but I'll have to keep playing with it to decide what will work best.

    I've made several updates in this go around (same link as before!):

    -Added checkpoints. A number of people felt that some of the later mazes, in particular, were so long that dying and restarting was detrimental. I agreed, so I went a step further and added checkpoints to all mazes.

    -Tablet fade bug. The game window is re-sized when playing on a mobile device (though it works best on a tablet... phones aren't quick enough for in-browser play), which messed up when the screen would fade to black. It works now.

    -More praise. Previously, you would only be told Great Job after completing the first maze. Now they all say it. In the future, it'll show your current speed.

    Still to come:

    -Zooming with touch

    -Viewing leaderboards with touch


    -I'll likely move the login screen to the end of the game.

  • The music is done, I've got a little audio to finish up and I'll upload the next build with the audio all in. In addition, logging in is done at the end when you would post scores to the leaderboard, and I plan on having UI buttons when you're on mobile (for zooming and pausing). BTW, ESCAPE pauses.

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  • Update - Nearly complete, final testing

    -I added a brief [skippable] intro that gives a hint to players about the main character.

    -Cleaned up the ending, made it work

    -All touch input should be functioning, including in-level buttons

    -Added sound effects

    -Completed making sound effects play only if you have them set to on in the menu (same with music--shaders on/off works, too)

    -Made a workaround to fix a problem with maze 6 where the sinking boards would get out of sink after a while (rarely, but it happened). Boards are reset every time you touch a checkpoint

    -Added the ability to invite facebook friends and tweet the game at the end

    -Cleared the leaderboard of my tests for when people come and play

    -Fixed a stupid bug with zooming on touch devices (tablet)

    Known issues:

    -Music doesn't fade properly at the end of some mazes

    -Music doesn't loop properly in Firefox. Blasted Mozilla!

    -Presentation not fully complete (end-maze screens will be more informative soon)

    -Still deciding how far to zoom with shift/touch

    I'd love to get some comments from people!

  • Love the death slow-mo, but if you make a death animation for Nomed, it would add to it and make it more impressive!

  • Love the death slow-mo, but if you make a death animation for Nomed, it would add to it and make it more impressive!

    Thanks! That's something I did in Blight first (on CC) and it works extremely well, I feel. And I agree about the death animation--there's a burst of smoke/steam when the player dies now.


    -Fixed bug where you could zoom during the countdown and gain control of the player early

    -Fixed bug where you could stand still on the sinking boards and be immune

    -Added smoke/steam burst on death

    -Fixed error with touch screen input posting leaderboard score twice

    -Fixed some inconsistencies between touch and keyboard input in the finishing area

    -Changed how music plays at the start of the game to accommodate ios's touch before sound feature/quirk

    -Minor tweaks

    I'm running out of things to fix, so please give it a try and let me know if there's something you don't like or doesn't work as it should. Or, ya know, stuff you do like. I won't turn that down either!

    On a side note, I wish the arcade had lighter requirements on plugins...

    Play Nomed's Escape


    -Revised Maze 5 due to user feedback

    -Added controls tooltip to main menu

    -Corrected some shadowing issues with Maze 5 (C2 wasn't Z-ordering properly)

    -Quite a few sound tweaks

    -More minor tweaks

    And released on MarketJS for publishers!

    Kind of scary, but exciting nonetheless!

  • Nice Game :D

  • Nice Game :D

    Thank you very much! I hope to issue an update for it once Courier goes public to tidy up things I've noticed over time. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • it is really good, the music is great too..

  • Yep, I added the checkpoint reset just for that very reason. I can do whole runs and they never mess up, but occasionally they mess up, so the checkpoints intentionally reset the boards.

  • C-7 - that was a spammer you replied to. I deleted the post.

  • C-7 - that was a spammer you replied to. I deleted the post.

    Yeah, I saw he had a spammy link, but what he said WAS true. The checkpoints do reset the boards to make sure no one ever gets screwed by a lag spike. But thanks for cleaning it up!

  • What he said was true because he copied it from one of your previous posts in the thread. :)

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