Nobody wants my game. What is wrong with my game

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  • Hi BadMario,

    Great UI/UX design is tough, but not impossible. Even for complicated games. Instead of explaining stuff in words, integrate the use of visual metaphors within the game itself. Although I agree with some mechanics needing worded explanation/instruction, it would be more effective if you can represent it all visually.

  • UI needs to be polished.


    What specific comments do you have to UI?

  • hi! Are you going to take advice from someone who hasn't earned any money from games? Ok, then read on!

    I have tried the first level and I think that overall the graphics are not bad. The big green and red faces for example look good enough, in my opinion.

    The presentation of the UI could perhaps use a more graphical approach? Perhaps a font with bigger letters or a colourful background perhaps?

    My biggest tip for you is: add more visual effects.

    When a bullet hits an enemy, show something - give extra visual feedback.

    When you click on a turret, add a visual cue that you have just clicked on that turret.

    Other simple general examples: a platform character walks: add clouds of dust under his feet.

    A gun shoots, show muzzle flash and a bit of screen shake perhaps.

  • hi! Are you going to take advice from someone who hasn't earned any money from games? Ok, then read on! .

    Thanks man. Maybe this is true, because then there is a greater reaction to the player's action.

    With the improvement of the graphics for now I have to stop, because it's hard to combine the work in photoshop with C2 at the same time. But, as I can see from other opinions, the advice is in:

    • showing how to play (don't know how for now)
    • more FX - ok, doable I made some already, but I can add smoke etc because it's inside brain
    • UI improvement (I do not know what to improve)

    But you know what guys? I feel that if this is improved, then Armor and Kongregatei will say: NO

    If they wanted my game, I would like it now. I do not know, maybe I do not keep up with fashion.

  • Hey Guys

    Kongregate didn't answer, Armorgames said is "It's lacking in compelling gameplay and art."

    What is wrong with my game? I worked for a long time, I put in a lot of energy... ...

    or html5 -

    You do not have to be nice, criticism is welcome!

    Thanks for advice

    What armorgames said is pretty on point when comes to their quality requirements. You need to check their quality preference they like bubbly graphics things that are colorful and polished looking, so was your fault for submitting your game to them, you didn't done your research properly. You will have a similar response from miniclip also, however miniclip puts accent on gameplay and if graphics needs to change they just tell you that and either work with you or they say come back when you have better graphics or similar graphics to their things.

    As probably many said above:

    Gameplay and art is pretty basic, the quality requirements to entice people/kids to play your game grown over the years, while your game looks something we would'v played in early 2000. Most of today kids like graphics similar to Candy Crush saga or any King content is flashy bubbly eye catching, candy like.

    Other then that, the game glitches has some visuals issues when you are tapping fast stuff try replay it on different devices. On my end a few buttons are reacting to slow or getting stuck at a scale of 0.001 or something barely visible if i double tap them fast in the level selection interface and sound is just bugging me and probably others too and i hate to have to tweak sound settings which in your game are inexisting.

    Loading time takes a bit (~2 minutes on a 1 Gbps bandwidth) for desktop version, while the mobile version is incompatible with my device which is a 5.5 android version so you might want to allow android versions under 5 or from 5.1 and above.

    I'd suggest allow all androids that are higher then 4.2 so you get full compatibility world wide even though is not recommended for those devices to connect to internet, but that is not your problem.

    There is no existing clear tutorial, you have something there explaining stuff but i just ignored it because nothing stopped me to read it before jumping into the game directly, plus the text size ratio to graphics screen is very small and the bloob text that explain thing is just annoyng and i think many people just ignore it because of that or they just dont see it.

    As for getting rejected by kongregate, if you checked kongregate sponsored games they are a bit better, there are a few ways of doing it however even with old graphic style you should be able to get them as publisher however .... their list of tower defense games for free in their platform is like 1000 + games... and yours no offense is not better then others i seen there not even in the mid range category is close to a mid range quality but still needs a bit of work.

    Other then that improving the points above i think the idea you using the blood cells theme is pretty good, id keep it and just work on graphics and look at top played tower defense and see what they are doing different, also pay attention to little stuff, little animations, bounces sparks etc they make the game more interactive looking.

    Even with all this lets say fixed you'll need marketing to reach a large audience get 5-10k gameplays or more then try getting a publisher they love seeing playability cause that for them is money and user return on their platforms. However there are other publishers that dont want your game public for free before you send it to them, so you posting it on googleplay and ur main website directly to be played is a bad move, you need to contact them before you do that, otherwise there is no point of a publisher if you already published it, id take them down now and work on the above mentioned issues then try again on reaching to the publishers if they dont reply just trow it on newgrounds/kongregate and other similar platforms and if it hits gameplays ul make some cents/dollars ( ads still pay 1-5 dollars per 1000 views so dont get ur hopes up best rev share advertising is newgrounds as platform [as a example for newgrounds at around 25000 views i have on 1 of my weird low dirt cheap graphics it made 20 $ in like 3 months after that it just died, the funds i never withdrawn was just pointless] and kongregate for IAPS the people there just love in game purchases if your game is enticing it ), if not then u published ur first game and gained a lot of experience from it so on your next game project you know what you have to do.

    ehm kinda thats it from 2 minutes of trying your app.

    While i didn't published many content for myself for the past years, i worked under NDA on other games that i can't name for legal reasons and there are plenty of approaches that makes a game successful. Reality is that making a game is not a instant making machine, its more of doing what you like and if you get money from it even better, all the studious that are not EA, Ubisoft or Bethesda studio are all going to say is what they always wanted to do, and by doing it they just got fans and with that money, however there are a few exceptions... flappy bird is the most known... but many people dont know the real success of flappy bird, it took flappy bird 1 year and half with marketing(the marketing didn't made it viral not even do its normal exposure it was just money spent for nothing) to actually start making money, the guy gave up on the game before 1 year cause he just didn't seen it as something special was a quick game made for fun and he forgot about it, then something, luck happened and the thing went viral cause some kids found it and spread it across some communities. So don't get your hopes down it will eventually get users attentions just you need to find your niche/community publisher. I'd try as publisher some <6 years old website game arcade thingy like games for kids dot com or smthing similar.

    Also if you want to publish something and you dont have money for marketing publish something on gamejams they are a boosting machine when it comes to players rating and playing your game and chance is will go viral or get you a bit of renown that will create a bit of a community around your content.

    Cheers hope my input helps you. And congrats for the game release, hope life will be good with you from now on as a game developer. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing"> .... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_surprised.gif" alt=":o" title="Surprised"> .... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_eek.gif" alt=":shock:" title="Shocked"> .. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_confused.gif" alt=":?" title="Confused"> .. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

  • Cheers hope my input helps you.

    Hey gamecorpstudio, thank you and for extensive reviews.

    However, in your opinion, I should probably delete the game

    But, many people who played for more than 10 minutes, had very positive opinions (not feigned). I am very critical about myself and now I entered Armorgames and see what they have ... sorry I chose the first one Safe Heaven. I was looking for the pleasure of playing and art ... As you find there, let me know ;-P

    1. Loading

    I'm checking. For me - desktop loading 30 - 40 sec in my 5 mb internet.

    2. You said: "On my end a few buttons are reacting to slow or getting stuck at a scale of 0.001"

    I did not notice this and nobody complained about it. The choice of the level is clicked twice because it is a game on the phone. Please write, did you test on your phone?

    This is an important point

    3. "the mobile version is incompatible with my device"

    Yes, you're right, Now I'm checking that the cocoon IO is providing now a higher version of Android.I will uplaod it later.

    4. Sounds

    Let me not take it seriously, because you are the first person who does not like sounds. It's probably the only thing that everyone likes


  • marcinkowski

    1. Loading

    Its probably a server issue try using cloud service on website so you deliver the content as fast as possible to users all over the world from servers near their location.

    2. As i mentioned above i couldn't play it on mobile, because googleplay says is incompatible therefore i cant install it... even though i should be able to. check your apk wrapper settings. Also i edited my post a few times you might want to read it again.

    3. i answered to 2

    4. That still doesn't explain the lack of a sound setting interface, i dont think ived seen a game with no sound system for the past 10 years. (we exclude scirra arcade and other similar places where 'junk' is dumped in)

    You said you wont get mad .

    As for safe heaven if you mean this Safe heaven you might want to see the category its in and the art is on you cant compare it with your game their in different categories and at a different graphic level/category and even that game which intros is annoying there is no skip button trough conversation on day 1 ... however it still has a sound interface or button to just mute the audio. (graphic level there is pretty high quality 8-bit graphics though... if that is ugly for you then... we might have different tastes or understanding on what is graphics quality)

    your game is good though(there is room of improvement) i said above id suggest once more read again...even though again... might be painful try reading it with a normal calm voice and not as a mean review, i never get mad even though i type in a way that kinda creates the illusion of that.

    as your game is a bubbling looking theme id try aproach this games quality as graphics if you want to work on it. however graphics is a optional thing there are games that go viral even with black and white pixels or those that are like insane high quality yet 0 players. so its a gamble there id try find a medium.

  • your game is good though(there is room of improvement) i said above id suggest once more read again...even though again... might be painful try reading it with a normal calm voice and not as a mean review, i never get mad even though i type in a way that kinda creates the illusion of that.

    thanks all reviews are valuable and important Today I'm fighting with Cocoon io because there is a problem to generate new version eh.

  • thanks all reviews are valuable and important Today I'm fighting with Cocoon io because there is a problem to generate new version eh.

    i know the feeling somedays is like it has its own mind doing whatever it wants never stop doing what you like

    P.S check the 2nd reply again that i sent u theres a few references/tips i added

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  • You do not have to be nice

    You noticed that your game is for mobile, so I guess the main question is why nobody downloading it?


    !!! For whom this game?

    1) You write: "Tower Defense" Ok, so if someone likes and look for a Tower Defense this game can be possible the choice...

    2) But OK, maybe it's a kind of brain logic game, so the bad graphic not a problem, many trivia, logic and even platformers etc games have a very minimal graphic. So maybe the main target audience is a brain game fans.

    But why for the sake someone will download especially this tower defense or logic game? From the first look: Icon looks terrible, the promo images from Google play looks childish and bad. The first thought on a game page is a "another childish crap on a Google Play" And maybe the gameplay is OK, but just compare the first look against the other Tower Defense or Logic game and the answer will be clear.

    P.S I didn't play the game. I just wrote what I think.

    P.P.S sorry for my English and exaggerated criticism

  • Nagval333 you make my day man thanks for this particular picture

    but you confirmed my fear of "Brain" as logic puzzles, and he goes on and sees colorful pictures. what do you suggest for the icon? turret? bullet? or title change?

    Maybe "Worms in the head"? it catches attention, but does not it deter ? or "Fix your head",

  • I don't know what you have to change/fix in GP... I have the same problem on my games. But I think it's always good to try looking at your game as a gamer that have see it for a first time. You have to realize who is your game target audience. And the most important and the most simple, just find the same category/genre games that success and try to compare, as a gamer, with your creation (compare promo on play store page, game's art, gameplay feeling etc). This comparison tell you where you relative to them, and of course you can learn much more from these success games.

  • marcinkowski

    I can tell you how i do things...

    I give my app to "dumbest" testers arround me... my small niece, old mother etc. sit by their side and watch what they do.

    (They start clicking on screen without any sence... they dont read instructions... etc)

    Now try to add visuals that would get in order those kind of users.

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