no-one has to die.

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    no-one has to die. is a game about decisions. You will choose who lives and who dies, and your choices will change the events of the game completely.

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    A fire has trapped four people in the Fenix Corp. headquarters, a building full of secrets. You arrive in the building to find the security guards murdered. Now it�s up to you help everyone escape.

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    If only it were so easy. People will die, and it will be your fault. How you choose to contain the fire will lead to people burning to death. So, who lives? It�s your choice.

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    Lionel is the CEO of Fenix Corporation. Arrogant and selfish, he only cares about his own chances of survival. But he�s the only one that knows what Fenix Corporation truly does...

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    Christina is a young woman who has been working at Fenix Corporation for a few years. She is strong in the face of danger, but can�t stand to think of the lives the fire has consumed.

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    If Steve hadn�t been working overtime when the fire began, he could have avoided the whole thing. Always one for a joke, he and Christina don�t always get along, but deep down they care about each other.

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    And then there�s Troy. A murderer and an arsonist, Troy is behind everything that is happening in the Fenix Corporation. What sick game is he playing?

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    So, who will you save? Who will die? Their lives are in your hands.

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    Designed by Stuart Madafiglio. Art by Cindy Xu. Music by Jesse Valentine.

  • A big thank-you to for their writeup about no-one has to die.! :D

  • Very nice premise! I may just be a bit dense, but I can't figure out how to get past the second level :/

  • Who died in the first puzzle? I might be able to help you out :)

  • Hello, It's been ages that i didn't log on the forums, but i felt i needed. I was browsing Rock Paper Shotgun Blog, when i found this little gem here. "Simple graphics, but the story seems interesting" was my first words when i saw the blog post. When i arrived home i was curious so i gave it a shot. My first surprise: "Wow, it's an game... cool." Then the second surprise, "WOOOW! It's a HTML5 game... here on RPS!".

    So i started playing. Sir, i need to say, i was hooked! The story is so intense, and you want to know so bad what is happening. The writing and narrative are so great. Congratulations! The concept art it's very good, you should use then in the game somehow. And the puzzles could have been a bit more complex and longer maybe. But the final experience is incredible.

    Then, i finished the game, and i wanted to know more about the author. I was thinking. "Is it possible this game was made in Construct?" So i searched the forums for the name of the game, you know, believing i was not going to find nothing. Then my head explodes! It's a C2 GAME!!!! And featuring int the RPS Blog, a blog about PC games, you know, Indie Games, AAA Games, and a famous one. And there was, a C2 game there, receving a lot of good feedback and praise.

    Well, for me this is a victory. You see, a victory for the Scirra Team, who put a great work in this awesome engine, for austin and the, and of course, for the Dev. A C2 game featuring in a site that reviews big releases. Ha! I'm a bit disappointed with the people in the forums tough. Come on people, give this game a try and praise the Dev. I shoud say i was never so hooked in a C2 game like this, and this proves that narrative and/or gameplay can be better than graphics.

    Cheers and Congratulations.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm absolutely thrilled with the reception this game has gotten. It's gotten an extraordinary amount of attention from a lot of sites and so many people have talked so passionately about it. It's just fantastic. :)


    In no particular order:

    Thank you to PCGamer for including no-one has to die. in your weekly Free Webgame Round-up!

    Thank you to ridiculously popular LPer NorthernLion for your video!

    Thank you to Rock Paper Shotgun for writing an article about no-one has to die.!

    Thank you to insanely talented IF writer Emily Short for your opinions on no-one has to die.!

    Thank you to for yet again featuring my game!

    Thank you to JayIsGames for your very generous review!

    Thank you to IndieStatik for their kind praise!

    Thank you to everyone who has tweeted about the game, or done Let's Plays, or upvoted on Reddit or shared on Tumblr or posted on FaceBook, thank you to everyone who's written about the game and thank you to everyone who's sent me messages about it. If my first game this year was a dream, I don't even know what this is.

  • Fun game. It might just be me, but I think it would feel more natural if the "Take Next Turn Arrow" and "Do Over Button" were switched around. For me, "moving forward" (i.e. taking your next turn) seems better on the right side.

  • Thanks! :) Really? I find that interesting. Personally, it feels natural to me going from left to right in order of importance.

  • no-one has to die. has placed first in's Got Game? competition! Woah! This entire thing has been a dream. I'd like to thank artist Cindy Xu and musician Jesse Valentine for their great work on this game, as well as everyone who's helped get this game out there. You're all beautiful!

  • StuStuTheBloo


  • Just finished it, The puzzles are really clever, but I am left wanting when is the sequel?...

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  • StuStuTheBloo

    hi your game deserves to do really well, its very clever and had me confused a few times! however I did finish it and would have liked it to carry on.. the story line is really good.

  • Nice game! I really enjoy it from beginning to end. Congrats!

  • Thank you all! I'm very glad you enjoyed this!

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