Nightmare Colors - A platformer game

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  • A game created for the GGJ 2014, and we are still working on it so enjoy <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> ... ors/21770/


    You are having a nightmare, in wich you are a walking eye that has to go through differents obstacles to wake up before the nightmare drives you insane. Somehow, you figure out that you can watch the reality of your dream in different colors and that the landscape changes on each color to help you overcome this nightmare. Will you be able to escape from insanity? ...

    A little of the story: after spending an amazing time outdoors in the countryside, you have finally returned home to have some rest. You relax on your bed ready to get some sleep and while you are falling into a deep dream, you start remembering the events of the day .... Like the red panda who chew your toe or those lovely bunnies who started to attack you with no reason. Just when you started to think that nature was trying to telling you something parrots appear from nowhere biting and singing something similar to "you are going to die". You remember the thought of "it can not be. its just my imatination". Same thoght that you have the time you saw the diabolic sea horse ...


    Nicolas Martino - Game Designer - Developer

    Juan Pablo - Game Designer - Developer

    Torrandel Boris - 2d Art

    Melisa Stasiak - Sound Design

    Ariel Contreras-esquivel - Original Music

    Script: Juan Pablo, Nicolas Martino, Torrandel Boris

    Original Idea: Juan Pablo, Nicolas Martino

    Level Design: Juan Pablo

    Character Design: Juan Pablo - Boris Torrandel

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  • Great game. I love it so much. The colors and art are amazing. If I were you I might try to add some sort of menu or help section, but the game is pretty straight forward.

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