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  • I totally forgot to even post on this game when I entered it in the HB Games contest a ways back, but here's the updated version.

    Nibble 2 is an ode to the classic Nibbles game, utilizing a rotary playfield, and now, a Future mode, to make things a bit more interesting.

    More details and changelog will be avilable at my blog post.

    Check it out: PLAY

  • This is really old now, but I just wanted to update that I've released the project code for this one here:

    I actually didn't realize it was feasible to open-source a C2 project before, I thought the project files were binary/hex. The reason was that I was saving as a single-file, not realizing the multiple-file export creates xml files.

    So, the project files are now available there. That includes the images and sound, both which are freely usable for other open-source projects. Feel free to contact me if you wish to use them for commercial projects.

    Also, here's the updated Play link:

  • Turning is hard

  • Apparently I lost by slowing down to nothing, but it wasn't clear on how to slow down or speed up.

    Had a good streak going too, like 50ish.

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for your input, sorry if the instructions weren't quite as clear as I imagined. I'll see if I can maybe clear things up with a quick video tutorial.

    piszozo, in the Future game, turning is affected by your speed and it can help to slow down prior to tight turns. I often speed up right as I'm about to get a "nibble" then target the next one.

    Robsta, 50ish? My own highest streak was 40 and I thought that was good. I'll have to push and see if I can get to 50! As for speed, the Classic game has just a single speed just like the retro Snake and Nibbles games. The Future game uses the Up and Down keys to speed up and slow down (I'm sure you know that now, just clarifying for others).



  • Straight forward, nice one.

    (found the buzzing sound a tad annoying , got something more enjoyable for the ear?)

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  • I'm dizzy!!! Really great concept.

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