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  • New Super Bardy Flip HD

    My Flappy Bird clone entry to the #FlappyJam, shouldn't be taken seriously, not made for fame nor fortune, just for fun

    Why are we flap... I mean, jamming?

    indie gamedevs are friendly and supportive,

    envy and teasing should not belong to our

    community, nor be a cause of suffering

    Started on it before the Flappy Bird template existed so it's made from scratch, which I enjoyed as a learning experience. All graphical assets have also been made from scratch, but in the spirit of Flappy Jam, heavily inspired.

    The game is pretty much done but I am adding a few more "easter eggs"/homages in an update and have been considering adding hats just for the heck of it and to give the game some more goals/reason to keep playing.

    Enjoy! (or hate it for all the reasons, I don't blame you)


    Best experienced in Chrome. Graphics seems to be filtered (non-pixelated) in everything else...

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  • That looks familiar ...

  • Indeed

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