A new puzzle platform (new video!)

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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • Hi guys a little video about the game we are currently working, hope to get some feedback from you

    Early development gameplay video (NEW)




    (the quality is so so, couldnt do better this time, hope that it helps to get an idea on how it works)

    Thank you <img src="smileys/smiley10.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I love the idea.. Can't really see besides the drag-and-drop how the player plays the actual game, but love the block that shoots when jumped on..

    I hope to see this finished, because I'm a real fan of the Puzzle-aspects..

  • Thanks for your reply!

    Honestly so far one of the hardest part was to prepare the video preview, and it seems I didnt manage to explain the core idea of the game.

    The character moves, jump and fly, so the player use the arrow keys on the keyboard to perform those actions. In this game the various platforms are not in 'place' so the player to callect the 5 stars and get rid of the enemies (which is required to proceed to the next room) has to place the platform himself using the mouse... This can only be done by reaching certain switches located here and the there in the stage.

    I will prepare another video, a sort of walk through of the entire level. Thank you for making me understand how unclear was this preview!

    Thank you

  • Apart from the switches I did understand the idea, so it wasn't really unclear..

    Nice combination of using the mouse and keyboard..

    I like it that a level has two challenges (getting the stars and killing the enemies)

    Looking forward to see more..

    Edit: Just saw the video again and with your explanation it is totally understandable, thanks!

  • Thank you, for taking 2 minutes to drop few lines!

    Now I am facing the PR part of the project, twitter, followers try to get the video posted to websites...

  • very interesting combination of puzzle and platform.

  • Thank you for commenting harrio, and glad you find it interesting.

  • Awesome really good stuff i also liked the firing block and target spanner blocks

    sounds track also good :)

  • Binkus thank you for the positive feedback.

    The idea of the fire block (and in general the choice not to give the player any ''built - in'' ability to kill enemies it was mainly to increase the challenge and the thinking.

    About the music, I would like to suggest to have a look at this site, some of you I think already know it, others probably don't:


    There are many resources for game development

  • I like the puzzle platformer concept. Are you releasing a playable demo soon?

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  • Hi Robert, thank you for getting involved.

    Yes I will release a demo, but at this time I cannot say how soon it will be.

    I ll keep posting updates here and through our twitter account


  • It looks like fun and has creative mechanics :). Thinking of different game mechanics is always a problem for me... Good job!

  • Hi Aruche, thank you for finding 2 minutes to write us!

    I had this idea since quite long time, I wanted something different, funny to play with both pc or tablet.

    We are actually thinking how this could be like played on the OUYA, as the controller will have both analog and touch pad.

    We are at the beginning though, so the first step will be releasing a nice and functional html5 game.

  • here is a HD snapshot of the game (cannot post images or active links, yet)


    I wanted to providea better idea of the game look, the video shows the mechanic but couldn't get a good quality in term of resolution.

    I took this snapshot from the game, using Bandicamp

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