My New game, let me know what you think?

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  • Hiya, I just uploaded my latest game to Scirra Arcade, please have a play and let me know if you enjoyed, found it boring, too easy, too difficult etc.

    Virus Vector on Scirra Arcade


  • Awesome graphics and polish! The only thing is that I find it really disconcerting to not be able to stop. That perhaps wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to point at enemies to shoot them!

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  • 9/10

  • Cool game, but like sqiddster said being able to stop (or at least slow down) would be good.

    Maybe you could make UP ARROW accelerate and DOWN ARROW decelerate. It would give players more control and allow them to play longer.

  • Thanks all for the kind feedback and nice words :) I'll have a think about the controls, I tried many different control types and found this method the easiest to control from a computer keyboard (and future portability to touch devices), You can kind of stop by holding down one direction which puts you into a spin and holds you in place, also you can rest against the walls.

    I want to make a game that people enjoy playing so if the lack of being able to slow down is detracting from that enjoyment then the game isn't as good as it could be so over the weekend I'll have a play and see if I can come up with any improvements without compromising the simplicity of the gameplay and controls.

    Again thanks for your feedback it's really appreciated.

  • Interesting game, keep it up!

  • Hiya, I've taken on board what was said about the inability to slow down/stop so have added a brake to the game, if you press the down arrow you can now stop although only for a short time.

    Let me know if you think the Brake feature makes the game better or worse to play? Also any other feedback is greatly appreciated, I do hope you enjoy playing this game it took me bloody ages to make ;-p

  • nice one.. good job..

  • ,

    i guess i am a masochist, because i like the challenge that not being able to stop presents in the context of this game. i consider it a game mechanic, because it forces you to improve your planning and forward thinking reaction to your surroundings. being able to stop, takes away the 'tension' that is created by perpetual forward motion management.

    just my the game.

  • cool thanks, I've played around with the brake a bit and think I've come up with a method that I think keeps the game challenging but at the same time makes it fairer to play.

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