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  • Hellows i paused my first game and started a new one more retro like ..

    i want to create a mix of knytt stories and portal. Maybe a mix of their designs idk yet. I already started some kind of prototype and i really need some reviews if this project is on a right way. I made some tutorial elements to let the player know how it works.

    it has no real story yet but this is only a pre alpha :P

    whatever, the controls are :

    F1 = Enable Fullscreen

    F2 = Close Fullscreen

    ESC = Pause

    WASD movement

    you can double jump from beginning and have to collect more attributes in the game. (knytt like)

    the design is based on portal 1 and even the title (Captivity) .

    Just let me know how you think about the future :)

    PLAY<img src="" border="0">

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  • Nice work. Really enjoyed it.

  • Nice work. Really enjoyed it.

    Thank you for testing it :)

    what is negative and whats positive in your memory? :)

  • Good and simple game, you could add the text a different style and perhaps replace the jump key with W or just use direction left, right, up buttons for controls.

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