New game in google play (Scape from the castle)

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  • Good afternoon everyone

      I bring you my first game for android. It's simple but addictive. Hope you like it and appreciate any comments to improve it. I also appreciate your votes in the google play.

    I created a small desktop application to sign the apk . The truth is that it helps a lot in this process. Currently available only in Spanish but I thought I have to translate it to English at least .

    Operation :

     Select Key : keystore location necessary for signing the apk .

     Select Apk : Locations apk release to sign. I have tested it with the apks in the same path as the key .

     JDK Location : Location of the JDK bin folder of Java.

     SDK Location : Location of the tools folder of the Android SDK .

     Route signed Apk storage : We will identify the path where we will store the apk file after alignment . Advise you to be the same route where the key .

     New name Apk name to generate apk after alignment and to be stored in the route that you have passed previously .


       Signing Apk : We msdos window appears requesting the password to proceed the key signature.

       Align Apk : After signing , the button will be activated apk align . This process runs in the background. At the end of the process we get a message that the apk has been signed will appear. Let the above path and we already have our signed apk and prepared to climb or test in our enabled device.

    Note: This application simply makes us easier when signing the apks life. I hope you enjoy it and like my first game, if you have ideas to improve it, do not hesitate to comentármelas. Here you have the download link for those that you please try.

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