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  • <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Puzzle's Bubbles</font> (PB?) is my first project on C2 (free edition), starting with Iphone 4 in mind ... but really more fun with looping sounds on a "Chrome/PC" ...

    You can play with this demo version (0.1 beta)" HERE" (please force reload until a tutorial text will be display)

    • The story - (sorry for my poor english, i'm french ...)

    I first create a fun bubbles particles object with a background bitmap and looping sound for "zen" exotic ambient and brain break ... transform all that into a special jigsaw puzzle game using mouse/touch drag & drop, add then some arcade game features : "time limit, scoring ..."

    The next step ... game balance & bugs chasing ... so I NEED YOU FOR TESTING !

    • What i want to do in future releases -

    "Endless" gameplay with time limit decrease by 20 secs in next level + 10% remaining time of previous play .... Pause button, Time jauge instead of text display, Level display, Tunnel vision (Nitrogen narcosis effect) ... Special time bonus bubble (to shoot) every 30 secs ... Gravity physics for playing with pieces, Leaderboard, Achievements ...

    ~ Thanks for reading me and don't hesitate giving me your feelings about this project ... If you find some bugs ... ... verify first before report you're not under effects of "Nitrogen narcocis" ! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    ~(dream mode on) If you think my hard work need awards you can also say to Scirra "Give this man a licensed version !" (dream mode off) ~

    Good game to all <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Hi naelian,

    I really like what you've done with this. The audio and graphics seem to meld perfectly. Your background music sounds eerily like one of my own underwater-esque pieces. I do a lot of ambient pieces so I guess that's likely to occur.

    In any case, the game seems fun enough, though the opacity of the pieces makes it a bit difficult to really see where they should go at times. Would it be possible to make the puzzle canvas a bit larger so that pieces could be placed outside that area should the user want the extra space?

    Also, I'm not really seeing any reasoning for the name "Puzzle's Bubbles". The game doesn't seem to have any bubbles so I can't really see that being a good name for it, myself. Just my thoughts.



  • Nice work Naelian.

    Agree with Ugot, being able to drag the pieces off the canvas would have been nice (its a bit of a jumbled mess when you first start) - but on the flipside it might have made the difficulty a bit too easy, if you were going to add this you might have to take away the shadow of the puzzle so its more traditional.

    Great work on your first game.

  • Thanks for your comments and shame on me !

    You say "No bubbles in your project !" and i verify ... a last minute change create a BUG hiding my fun particles object in game !. This bug has no effect on gameplay as these bubbles are only here for relaxing touch until now. So perhaps the game name must be change, seems to soon to give a good answer until "bubbles" really add some gameplay in future releases (I've in mind Time bonus bubbles).

    A new minor version re-including bubbles comme soon ! ;-p

  • TRUE ! More room for stacking pieces will be fun.

    Taking a piece in hand could also hiding all remaining pieces until drop.

    I've all these improvements in mind ... with C2 free limits it's a real challenge ... simply do my best to find the best way to do that.

    Give me only one "Family" and i give you the world ! (C2 free edition user) <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • You can find the 0.11 release of Puzzle's Bubbles -> HERE

    (Don't forget to reload page pressing "F5 or Ctrl F5" if you dont see the version number 0.11 on the bottom left corner of the starting game page with the Play button)

    Minor changes

    "Bubbles" are now really in game and not only on start page.

    Start page text change, more clean "Play" button, version display ...

    Pieces now bounded on origin so you can put them "on" borders.

    Medium changes

    ZOrdering now done on the pieces when game start (begin plugins use)

    Find a way now to create direct shadow on pieces (canvas ?) and give extra room for stacking them.

    Good game all

  • "Puzzle's Bubbles" is dead, God Save "Undersea Challenge"

    The concept of the game is now clear and the old name was not a good choice ... so i will create a new post for the new name to avoid confusion.

    Why this change ? ... new concept, new name

    Where are in 2020, a new TV game is produce by "Sea Channel 5" and called ... "Undersea Challenge". As one candidate you must perform a ... "undersea challenge" (one per game) and be simply the best (score)... <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    (Somewhere in the pacific) Challenge One

    "After taking a snapshot of a swimming turtle, go deeper to find the AquaITable and quick perform the challenge you will find here ..." ... on the AquaITable a jigsaw puzzle of the photo you take ...

    "Alternate camera and first person mask view to solve the puzzle" ...

    Thanks again for giving your opinion on my game ... i learn a lot ;-p

    Stay tune, new game/version is coming !

  • Ok men, "Undersea Challenge" is born (follow the link under the name) and replace "Puzzle's Bubbles" so i close the subject with this post.

    I put "GenkiGenga" and "Ugotsta" in my game "credits" ;-p

    The last "0.12" version as not just only another name ... include some shadows under pieces, room off "canvas" for pieces, new in game rules and effects, leaderboard (playtomic) ... your advices have been listen !!!

    Many thanks again

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