My new game - with Chrome issues

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  • well here is the game Marvin the Marble

    The problem is that when i test it in the preview browser with Internet Explorer it works perfectly. I get 60FPS and sound works. When i copy it to my webserver no sound in Internet Explorer.

    Now my problem gets worse with Chrome. I get sound but the FPS drop to 34.

    I'm going through the code still, but nothing that would solve the problems.

  • I just updated my video driver and made sure i'm using the latest of IE9 and Chrome. I still get the same results. I then found a benchmark test that mentions that chrome is really fast for 2dcanvas and doesn't even list IE9.

    HTML5 Performance Benchmarks

    I guess my question is why/how could IE9 be performing this much better then Chrome?

  • Well I know why no audio with IE9, it only supports AAC and MP3 audio. I Used HTML5 Test to test my browsers and IE9 scored 138 and Chrome18 scored 400. This still doesn't tell me why chrome is running at half the speed of IE9.

  • Well after some searching on google i found that the mime type for m4a audio was not setup on my webserver. I fixed that problem and now i have audio with IE9 working. Chrome FPS is now 43 after the change.

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  • Hey Rfisher, You should check through the blogs, Ashley has made a pretty detailed post about browsers - it might have saved you some trouble.

    Not sure why IE9 would ever outperform Chrome. Very cool that you got audio to work in IE9 though.

  • Audio definitely works in IE, just run it in IIS Express. Also, IE10 + Windows 8 has a new Javascript rendering engine that does outperform Chrome.

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