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  • You can play HERE!

    I need testing with the difficulty settings; is it too hard, too easy? makes no sense? (I think hard is WAY too hard)

    (I added a ton of spare lives to test and test forever)

    And I wanted to add control options, so I made 3 options, but the two using keyboard only are terrible since I have no idea which keys to use =( The first one, WASD + mouse is really nice to use though.

    I would also love some feedback on the layout disposition: does it work like that? too boring?

    Anyways, please help me test this thing ^^!!

    btw, 99% of the project is without the real graphics is going to have, it also have no sounds yet!

    However, I hope you enjoy it :D!

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  • You object count was over 1000 sprites!

    Stuttered down to 15fps on my old laptop.

  • well. lol. every machine i tested runs steady at 60fps. everything is frame-rate independent too. I'm sorry but I can't consider old laptops D:

  • I liked it! Worked well here, only thing I didn't like was not being able to shoot behind you, only the way you're heading. Apart from that it felt good. Keys were OK too.

  • The game handles well, besides only being able to shoot the direction you're looking; this was a little frustrating.

  • The shooting only in the direction you're facing is something I've given a lot of thought to. I think I've tested all variants of that. In the end i decided to go Contra style. And the way animations for the player will be handled I kinda need to work that way.

    However, I'm always open to suggestions :D!

  • I love it. It's improved quite a bit since the last demo!

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