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  • Hello, for my senior project I chose to learn video game development and to create a playable video game. As part of my proposal I said I would get feedback from other game developers on my game, and that's where I need you all.

    With only a little over a month to learn and make my game, I have come up with this, a small, short, simple game.

    Please review my game, things you liked, things you didn't, etc, but just keep in mind this was made in very little time with no prior knowledge when you write your review.

    Thank you, I really appreciate it! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    My game on dropbox, works best with Google Chrome I think

    Edit: the player and rocket sprites are from Gang Garrison as I am not that great of an artist. All other graphics though are created by either me or my friend. And the text may look weirdly formatted unless you download some fonts (they're free) TF2 and TF2 Build.

  • Hey, tried the game out. Interesting and nice basic animations. i'd give it a 6-7 for a basic game

  • the game mechanics are good, i didn't find any strange bugs , the basics are there, instructions, level, boss, score, lose, win , end. The boss was very challenging, there is a good base for refinements,

    as for critique i do think you could lengthen the levelplay more by spawning more targets or faster, so there was more time to get into the gamemechanics and eased more into the final battle, also the connectivity between things feels a bit rushed, first you have to keep targets from bouncing into fire, then you have things falling on the ground, then you have a boss who keeps floating into air.

    but good start overall, keep at it!

  • Very nice game! The concept is simple but works. My opinion:

    The graphics are simple, the background, targets and clouds are good. I would recommend improving on the boss and player's graphics. Also, add some animation to the fire. Finally, work a bit the graphics for when the player's aims his weapon to the left, it looks almost as me with a dislocated arm.<img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I felt the dynamics were good, and maybe you could, as vtrix said, lengthen the game/level a little more. As for the 2nd level, where you try to destroy them before touching the ground, I would recommend instead of the boxes appearing from the sides of the screen, maybe make them fall from the sky, with the proper speed so the player can move and destroy them.

    Overall, I think you are doing a good job! <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hello all, thanks for the suggestions and critique.

    vtrix, I wanted the game to be more polished but time is not a thing I have much of, as I need to present the game as part of an oral presentation in just a few days, this is also why the game is so short, I can't take up more than 15 minutes so I wanted to make a game that was short but showed off a variety of features that make the judges think "This guy pretty much knows what he's doing," which by the looks of these replies I accomplished. :D

    InfinityX, like I said in the previous paragraph, I just don't have much time to add (what I would call) nonessential changes like extra animations, but I did mess around with the player's arms "dislocating" when facing left when I was working on the game, and couldn't figure out any solutions so decided to keep it the way it is since it still works alright. :P I think I will implement the crates falling from the sky though, since that's only a matter of moving the object spawners.

    Thanks again everyone, hopefully in the future I'll have a proper game to show you all!

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  • I like it, the mechanics work great, It's easy to control. The objectives are simple, As a short game made qucikly for a project i'd give a 7/10.

    Good luck with your project.

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