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  • I'm creating a game for the competition, this is the first time i make a shooter-platformer game, i feels something didn't right. I decided to post a demo game. So please you guys give me some feedbacks to stop me from worrying.

    Lock N Load demo

    WAD to move, Spacebar to shoot, hold Spacebar and move will lock the scrolling.

    The game take place in cleaned Mars( clean so people can breath properly), where they fighting with dangerous creatures and The Demon(they can rise the dead).

    Do you like the character creation? Do they looks... too weak for the game?

    Do you think the "show damage" is annoying?

    How the gun shoot feeling?

    Any feedbacks are all great supports for me.


  • pretty nice game. only issue i have is the scrollin of the camera when your character moves left and right. makes me giddy after awhile.

  • Nice

    However having a separate pair of buttons for moonwalking feels rather awkward and a little redundant, have you tried making the character automatically moonwalk when the player holds down the shoot button and moves in the opposite direction to what they are facing?

    Also out of curiosity how are you creating your tiles because the seams are quite visible.

  • walterlow

    Thanks, i'll make the scrolling faster. :)


    Great ideal, that'll make the game more real and prevent the player from spawn shoot. Thanks alot! <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    My bad, the tiles are fixed now. :P

    Edit: Movement control improved, now the scrolling will be locked when holding Spacebar.

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  • nice graphic style. keep going with it.

  • harrio walterlow Vercingetorix

    Thanks for your feedbacks. I already uploaded the game for the competition:

    play game

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