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  • Hi everyone,

    As to the nature of what I'm asking please reply by message. Children visit this site and it's all about protecting them. :)

    With that being said I would like you to visit my app and swear it up. I'm coding in an inappropriate wording filter to my create a player page. I have quite a few words blocked and would like to know if I'm missing any. So please go and swear it up and private message me back with any unblocked words you find. Heres the app(you'll need to turn off secure browsing in facebook account, I don't have an ssl yet)

    My app link

    Thanks a bunch


  • I go the following error when trying to play the app:

    SSL connection error

    Unable to make a secure connection to the server. This may be a problem with the server, or it may be requiring a client authentication certificate that you don't have.

    Error 107 (net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR): SSL protocol error.

  • whatever23 yeah you need to turn off secure browsing in facebook under account settings until I pick up an ssl certificate. Make sure to turn it back on once you leave the app to maximize your facebook security.

  • although I believe going directly to the site will allow you to keep your secure browsing on. Go to

    I would greatly appreciate anyones help. I wish to find any holes in the adult language filter before I continue on to another part of the app.

    Thank you all in advance


  • Seems to work pretty well. Limiting characters to alphanumeric is a big help. Couple things you might want to consider:

    The immediate clearing of the name limits some perfectly acceptable names.

    Assassin is unusable due to "ass" being in the word. So is the word Pass.

    You don't account for mixing of numbers and letters.

    Words like b1tch and c0ck work.

    Maybe you could test the name when it is submitted, not after each character is typed.

    Good luck! This is a tough hurdle to jump.

  • whatever23

    yes it is and I've thought of that. I just don't see a really good way to go about it outside of my sledgehammer approach. I could do it server side but then it's still the same problem of trying to figure out whats ok and what isn't. :( I never thought of that numeric problem. Maybe you wouldn't mind messaging me with any combinations like the above to keep the forum clean and give me the info to plug into the check? Never been much of a naughty word type of guy so it's hard to imagine all the combos for me.

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  • Well you compare the word as they type. Instead of on each key stroke, do the compare when the name is fully typed and sumbitted then compare it to your list. Then maybe you can add safe words like "Assassin"

    How about for the numeric problem you do some string replacements as they type. Something like swapping 0 (zero) for o and 1 (one) for i etc etc. then compare that with you naughty list for approval.

    0 to O

    1 to I

    2 to I can't thnk of one for now

    3 to E

    4 to A

    5 to S

    6 to G

    7 to T

    9 to g

    Google for "leet speak" and I'm sure if could give you some help to get around weird spellings.

    I believe I've also seen lists on the web that will be much more comprehensive. Try googling for "cuss word filter list".

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