Nano[48 Hour Jam]

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    Nano is a small(no pun intended) game made in 48 hours for the SPJam last year, a Jam event made in S?o Paulo, Brazil.

    The theme of this jam was "Team", so we decided to get inspiration from the good old Blizzard, "Lost Vikings". ;]

    In the game you control 3 tiny little aliens who need to invade and destroy Earth, so they can colonize it and expand their evil empire.

    Each alien has an unique ability: blue can jump higher, green can turn into a ball and destroy enemies and red a great support for others! ;]~

    This is mostly a demo, with a few puzzles and a BOSS BATTLE of epic proportions.

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    Move with the left and right arrows;

    Jump with the up arrow;

    Use A to change the alien you?re controlling;

    When using the green alien, press down to roll;

    Thanks for playing ;]

    Credits: Luciana Nascimento - Art, Me - Game Design & C2, Clovis Junior - Music and SFX

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    The game looks really cool, I cannot figure out how to play it.

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  • Thanks Val ;]

    The controls are:

    Move with the arrows on the right side of the keyboard. Up jump and down turn the green one into a ball.

    Use A to change the alien you�re controlling!

    Hope you enjoy it.

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