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  • I recently participated in the Ludum Dare Jam, and this was what I came up with.

    I really liked the idea, and have been playing with the look, and mechanics a bit. Here is what I have so far.

    Im thinking of continuing work on it, and perhaps even doing a kickstarter.

    So, a few questions, do you think it would be worth it, and what else could be added to improve it?

    My current thinking is to add an rts element where you have to mine for resources in order to continue making ships. And then there are ways to seed the generation of the ships, so it would be possible to do an upgrade type system.

    Also a lot more can be done with the ai, but it would require a complete rewrite, hence asking if it is worth it.

    Btw Its pretty much a solid 60 fps for me, non webgl(amazingly), so I would appreciate hearing what kind of average you get.


  • I had a quick look at it it intrigued me. I'll be taking another look at it when i get home.

    My first thoughts are the ability to target the other ships... not specifically but you can roughly tell them where to go and what to aim at, so to give the sense of strategy. But they maybe go about getting their in their own way perhaps to keep it feeling the same.

  • I just spent an hour playing it, really fun. Sometimes ships get in an infinite circle loop (keep flying around each other.) Upgrades would be nice, also maybe random space events (wormholes that appear, other ships, a random asteroid, etc.) I think it would be worth working on, especially if you could make an IOS or Android version as well because it is simple yet addictive.

  • Still playing with the style, but yeah all of that is doable.

  • I just played it for a little while again, as i forgot about it yesterday heh. As with drewmox I found the game very addictive. my fps didnt change even when i had a lot of the objects on screen.

    I agree upgrades of some kind would be good, also perhaps mini life bars on the ships so you can judge when to allow a better one to come out or when you need to reinforce quicker.. And as I mentioned before some kind of option to right click and target ships or place a waypoint that your ships will go towards.

  • Its an interesting idea. To be honest when the game began I had no idea what was going on - I actually thought i was the red team to start with.

    On the second play I could see what was going on. To answer your question I think it has potential. To add to your current thoughts, what i would like to see is; formations, customisation of ships - maybe selecting between a fast base(movement speed bonus), or a tough base(movement speed penalty and an armour bonus) - Things like that.

    Interested to see what you decide to do.

    Oh and perfect fps forgot to mention that.

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  • Actually Im kind of toying around with the idea of having it where the smaller ships act like a kamikaze, they don't fire, but they do splash damage when they collide with an enemy.

    Course score based on the number of ships destroyed wont work well with that scenario, however I think that with resources, refined, etc might be good.

  • Nice concept Newt. It can be addicting, and adding the elements mentioned by the other posters would only make it better.

    I don't know if it's nostalgia or what, but i found the graphics style to be really captivating. Good job!

    Edit: After playing some more, i would like to add some suggestions.

    • When the ship is being built, some type of indicator, like a dial or something, to show the ship's current power level, would be nice. I realize you can sort of tell by the opacity of the ship, but some type of metered indicator would be cool. Maybe the background of the square in which the ship is being built could slowly fill with color, like a clock hand sweeping around.
    • Some type of chart showing the distribution of ships by their power level, i.e. 20% heavy; 50% medium; 30% light, or whatever.
    • A pause button!
  • Yeah, a pause button would be a good idea. heh

    Im kind of thinking about removing the click to release part, and make it all ai controlled.

    I can set it up where the player can set up his own ai, including when to make a new ship, and when to release it.

    It would be a huge addition, but I think it would add a lot to the game play.

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