(Nameless) Tower Defense Game

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  • OK this (Currently Nameless Game) is basically a tower defense game in which the player will start with 0 Resources and Take out an initial wave with their user controlled central weapon. They will then use what resources they collected to purchase automated turrets or upgrade there base or user controlled weapon further, also the automated turrets will be able to be upgraded further.

    The player will have to survive 25 waves and will be scored based on there kills/resources (thinking of a unique scoring system still)

    The player will also have separate modes to choose from such as limited resources, Unlimited Waves, and other variations of game modes.

    If anyone is interested in helping me out would not mind the extra hands! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Try the Latest Build Here.


    Arrow Keys to navigate

    Enter Key to Select

    Escape to cancel

    Mouse to aim and shoot Main Gun (During the wave)

    (All Temporary Controls)

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  • This looks like fun! Will give it a go after work today.

  • thanks but the art is nothing at the moment it just to get it in place i plan to make it very eye pleasing with vivid colors and animations

  • Very neat, I like it a lot. Can't wait to see your next evolutions :)

  • Thanks :D I thought up a cool idea not to long ago so once I knock out some things I'm stumped on at the moment I will be adding a main Turret that the player will be able to control with the mouse and shoot things manually along with different up-gradable skills they can buy for it

  • Updated FINALLY got the enemy Instances to spawn and move to the end I'm a noob with multiple instances, just starting to understand it.

    Press G to start the wave (The Never Ending Wave lol)

  • Well this should keep me busy for a while! :D

  • UPDATE: My HUD is starting to come to life with the addition of sprite font and the resources working

    How ever the whole game I have written down my ideas so this is how the game is going to go, you will start off with no resources but a simple "Home Base" and a Player Controlled turret you will earn resources to upgrade and purchase automated turrets and the goal is to prevent "the enemy" from destroying your "Home Base" it will be High Score based.

    Hope you like my idea and I hope I can deliver the art style I'm shooting for, a modern/sci-fi theme disregard any current art for the game besides the HUD I'm tackling that first in terms of Art.

  • So much to do >< lol.... added in the rough direction for the art style im shooting for

  • UPDATE: Added in the User controlled weapon and the Home Base HP on the HUD in a cool little HP gauge.

  • cant figure it out

  • lol sorry its a bit buggy at the moment but all you do is press G to start the never ending wave and you can shoot your main gun and you can place automated turret on the tiles around the path with the Enter Key

  • Fun game, with an interesting concept. A few noted bugs.

    1. Prices for turrets are incorrect (lvl 1 auto turret says 50, but costs 150, tho i did notice the price of each turret base increases each time you place one, which i did like).

    2. Health is not being tracked properly. (Arrow pointed at 150 tho the number said 350).

    3. Not really a bug, but add either new waves, harder enemies after awhile, something! once you get three turrets on each of the four edges of the center you can walk away and rack up the points.

    Again i like the concept, keep it rolling with some updates.

  • Sorry lol yea i JUST updated with those fixes how ever for number 3 I will be adding a lot of different enemy's (they will not be boxes lol) and more waves.

    I may have to redo the entire wave system because right now its very static and I'm not the greatest at making these things work lol

    and made it when the wave starts you cant place any more automated turrets, so the points you get for destroying the enemy are useless right now lol because you can't spend it after you start

    another side note when you Base HP hits 0 it will continue counting lol i didn't add a end to that yet ether

  • Do you need help? I can help create graphics for your game.

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