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  • Hey guys, I just recently found Construct 2 and thought it looked like a great engine to rapidly create prototypes with.

    Here's the list so far; Controls and objectives are (hopefully) located underneath the game window.

    You Are A Cruise Missile!

    Platforming Prototype

    Zombie Prototype

    Car Prototype

    Moving Memory Match Prototype

    Basic place-holder graphics, obviously, as these are prototypes at heart and if they're not fun at this stage there's no point in spending time on the graphics.

    I might get around to polishing them in the future.

    If I've made any terrible design decisions or a grievous community faux pas then give me a horrible yelling at in this thread.


    (Oh, and I couldn't create a new thread for some reason so I just re-purposed my old one so ignore the first couple of posts as they refer to the platforming prototype)

  • Is funny the movement of the player I think you need to added

    a slow movement and apart the speed animation

    I like your project

    Sorry by my English

  • That is the most effective and jarring death ever. The screen shake really adds to it. Good work.

  • Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback.

  • For the first game it seems good ;)

    Just need some more polish with the AI of the enemies.

    the movement of the player doesn't seem to have acceleration and deceleration, not sure if it was intended to be that way but I think would be better, appearing more natural ;)

    for a prototype u did a good job, keep going!

  • Bumping because I couldn't create a new thread and had to re-purpose an old one.

  • The demos have some potential, really like the zombie one, the only crit from a technical perspective is the screen size on a few means that the page scrolls when you press space/down.

    A smaller screen 640x480 / 768,480 would stop it doing the scrolling thing. Maybe instead have the controls on a quick title screen instead.

    Have you tried the scroll-to behaviour yet? You can have a huge layout but have the screen follow the player, so stuff like the zombie game could be ridiculously massive, but you'd only see a small portion of the explorable area at a time. :)

  • Thanks for taking the time.

    I used the scroll-to on the platforming demo, but realized with the later ones that more real-estate didn't mean a tighter concept and have tried to keep it on one screen to tweak things more easily. I definitely considered returning to it for the zombie one, but got worried I'd waste too much time designing huge levels and then watch the framerate drop as the zombies fill the level. Multiple stand-alone levels would probably be a better idea for that particular design.

    Good point about the screen size, kind of just arbitrarily picked resolutions for them. Will sort that out in the future.

  • On the zombie game, the method used for the dead blood stain must use a tonne of objects because it slowed my computer down.

    Also, I'm not sure it's counting rescued cubes correctly. I ran around and grabbed a bunch and only got credit for 3.

    Great start!

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  • Huh, odd. I will debug the bloodstain.. I had a lot of different versions of it going on so I may have left some faulty numbers in for the "final" version.

    As for the rescue number being off it's a bit of a mystery. I suspect the amount of collision caused by the zombies bouncing about is messing with the ticks as I have a hard time reproducing the issue (I have seen it, but thought it was a fluke). Will do some more tests when I get time. Thanks =]

  • The Zombie prototype has a very good idea in there!

  • Alright, update time.

    All games have been majorly reworked. I literally hit the max action limit for the free version of construct2 for two of them so I probably won't be adding many more features until I end up purchasing the program when I have more time to dedicate to this stuff.

    Graphics are still crude because of the rapid changes I've been making to the gameplay. Might sit down and make some proper artwork eventually.


    Zombie Survival Game

    This may run slow on some computers, so consider it experimental =P

    Stealth Game with magic spells

    Entirely new game.

    Simple flying game

    Expanded gameplay since last version.

    Platform shooter game

    Added HP, Checkpoints and a new enemy type since last version

    Racing Game

    Added an actual level, "real" pedestrians, AI cars and a timer since last version.

    Moving Memory Match

    Added Graphics, Random shuffle on start and refined it since last version.

    Oh, and FYI the links in the original post are probably going to link to the new versions as I simply replaced them. Sorry if you wanted to go back and see how they were before.

  • i really like the zombie prototype, would definitely like to see this game, nice work so far.

  • Thanks, it's kind of tricky since the Zombie one is my favorite.. but perhaps the most random, buggy and terrible on performance due to the large amount of zombie entities. Will probably end up polishing when time permits =]

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