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  • Hi

    I made simple music game with C2 in two days, for game Jam on Newgrounds.

    Playable version, hope you enjoy it:


    "Keep the Music", musical game</center>

    How to play

    Click and drag blue speakers so they remain on-screen.

    Speakers grow and slowly fade over time. Clicking shrinks them and prevent fading. Do not let the speakers collide with each other.

    Mouse (or touch) control only.

    The goal is to keep maximum of speakers playing to the end of track by touching them.

    Preloading music take some time on slow connection, wait for "Go" button.


    It's aimed at touch control (and, possibly, support multi-touch), but game just crashes on my iPad (have no idea why).

    Also, sound operations in C2 does not allow fine control of sound flow. Looks like stable framerate is reqired to play song in sync with visualisation.

    I think using midi files instead of multiple waveforms would be nice. (There is no midi support in C2)

    Feel free to share your thoughts and post feedback.


  • WOW that was actually quite fun, at first I didn't get it. But then released you had to keep moving the speakers, as they fade out and disappear. Got very epic towards the middle.

    Excellent concept :)

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  • 2xThanks, labithiotis!

    First for response,

    Second for instruction tips.

    There was a bug, at least 3 instruments was not playing. Fixed now.

  • That was very fun! Absolutely loved the music!

  • Awesome game. My best score was 61%.

  • teerex

    hi had a little go, as with labithiotis didn't quite get it at first,, but really enjoyed it after a while.

    <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Good job. I know that probably took a ton of work!

    A couple of ideas/feedback:

    1) I'd like to see the speakers relate to the music "paths" - like you have to keep them on the same "line" as their sound, maybe there is a slight gravity that makes them fall/drift. I was able to keep the whole thing going by just touching the speakers and not really worrying much about moving them (I did like the camera shake effect!). Now I could have completely missed something so maybe I wasn't playing it correctly. lol

    2) I could see you making a platformer version of this game. I kept imagining a little person jumping on the sound bars - I'm sure people have made that kind of game before - but I kind of like those old cartoons where the character jumps from note to note.

    3) You may be able to created something that is more sample based, so as not to worry about an entire song file to load. Maybe the platformer jumps to various samples and maybe special "triggers" that keep the files "looping" or something.

    Fun stuff to think about! Nice work. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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