Mushroom High - Endless Platformer/Jumper for Two Players

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  • I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the WIP thread. I'm "feature complete" and I'm not sure if I'm going to do any more updates unless things are terribly broken. I may still put in sound and music.

    This was my first complete game. I learned a lot making it and am thinking of writing up a post-mortem about it all, but for now I'm just excited to have finished it and to put it out there for folks to check out and play.

    Please have a look and let me know your thoughts. I hope you enjoy it. It can be played as a single player game as well, it's just more fun with a friend.

    I'll be starting on my next project soon, but the biggest thing I've learned from making this game is to keep my scope pretty limited and focus on prototyping more than anything else. My next games will not likely be as "complete" as this one. Menus, full graphics, etc. are nice and all, but I'm still figuring things out so they aren't really all that important. However, I had 1 main goal with this game and it was to finish it as complete as possible. Hopefully, I've achieved that.

    Thanks for reading and checking the game out!

  • I added some sound effects and music yesterday.

  • For a first complete game it's really good, there are achievements and instructions are explained. Music is nice (you can toggle sound) and graphics are fun, you can play in the instructions page to practice.

    It's too late but a slower falling could have been nice, the dwarf using an umbrella when he falls.

    This game requires skill and two people, I tried alone but I didn't last long.

    My score = 2323'

  • i give you 4 stars, excellent game ^^

  • Thank you both!

    I'm worried I should have posted this in the WIP/Feedback forum because I really want to get as much feedback as possible and feel that I might have shot myself in the foot by posting in the Completed Creations forum, but I'm happy to see both of your comments this morning.

    Do you all think it would help explain the gameplay better if the instruction page scrolled up as you practice and reset if you fall? The first comment on the arcade page has me wondering if calling this an "endless jumper" implies certain things will happen (like autoscrolling).

    Pandadoor - it's not very clear, but "Float Jump" is one of the achievements you can get when you reach a higher level (leveling in this game is calculated by a combination of how high you go, how many mushrooms you collect, and how many enemies you defeat). Once you have float jump, you can press and hold the jump key to fall slowly. I originally wanted to animate the gnome with a puffy shirt as they fell, but cut it from scope. I had a goal of "releasing" by April 1st. There is a lot that got cut.

  • I didn't know the level achievement rewards even if I actually saw a level indication, my bad.

    The game mechanic is simple and I had no problem to understand the goal, the camera movement was intuitive.

    You can ask a mod to move your topic in the WIP section if needed but you said it was finished.

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  • I think this thread is fine here as I'll likely only make minor updates to the game. I'll solicit for feedback from a few other places as well.

    I messed up on how my notifications work and how I was keeping track of the game state. I didn't fully grasp variable scope in Construct and I think I put too many things in the global scope so when I reset the game layout. I've been thinking about how to fix it and it all involves adding a lot of events and a function to manage the variables which makes me worried that I'll introduce a lot of bugs.

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