Multiplayer ship building/fighting game

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  • You are a computer program, born in space, from the womb of an AI factory. You incubation pod provided enough necessary technology to survive ... but only just.

    Combining technology makes you more aware of where you are. It gives you the ability to shape the universe.

    You need to learn fast, get stronger. Other AIs want to take you apart. You must kill them. Take *them* apart. Grow stronger from the wreckage of weaker minds.

    Collect minerals by mining asteroids. Build thrusters, build weapons. Connect them.

    Kill enemies. Dismember them. Build more weapons. Build bigger thrusters. Grow. Connect. THINK

    universal machine

  • Had a hard time figuring out what to do par the first few items ... which I totally build wrong ... 1 rocket, constant thing to its side lol twirly gig

    After that I got it going :) pretty nifty there man.

    whats the multiplayer part ? the other ships ? those actual other players ?

  • Yeah multiplayer is a bit ropey. Hit the facebook icon on the top screen. Then you will see a list of players (e.g. me) Then you can fight your ship against mine. I think there might be some scroll issues to fix on multiplayer but I need dudes test! :p

    Once you have logged into Facebook, your ship and scores will be remembered forever.

  • :D

    Hmm, I will need to rebuild a 'decent' ship .. seeing as I couldnt get the controls working right in first place, ... I build a flying canon that shot almost everything >_>


    but I will gve it a go :D

  • -,-

    after logging in to facebook, I lost my flying canon lol

    I'll build a new


    edit: Im in the lobby, but cant fight anyone

    edit: After building a new ship, going to the lobby (no back button) reload, ship gone again :(

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  • I see you. You have a ship with 3/4 sides guns. I fought you. I won 14 components to 13! A very very close match! Haha.

    You should see a list of players in the lobby. If that doesn't load there is no point hitting "edit ship"

    Something must be funny with FB authentication. It *should* load your server data when you first hit the page, if you have an account (which you do). Then you should see your server saved ship in the normal missions. It should also load all your XP and display it when you first hit the page too. If neither of those things are happening then its not connecting to firebase properly. I'll try and regen an account here and see if I can repeat the problem.


    Which browser are you on?

    Try pasting the output of a CTRL + J the javascript window. It probably has some errors somewhere that would help me.

  • I dont see a edit ship button once I am in the lobby.

    The ship didnt return after load attempt, I tried removing slashes the second time, no go.

    I will try again tomorow, I liked building the components like that :)

  • Sounds cool but I can't figure it out.

  • connect the reds to the greens.

    The reds are outputs of components (e.g. angle of enemy from radar)

    The greens are inputs (e.g. the thrust of an engine)

    By connecting the things you are saying I want the thrust to be proportional to the angle of the enemy, which *turns* the component.

    Each connection is really the transportation of a number to another component. By connecting your ship in weird ways you will be able to get it to track enemies and all kinds of other cool stuff (like detonate a nuke when near an enemy)

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