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  • Hi to all Constructor

    Finally I release my game Mr. Dot on PlayStore!!!

    for the uninitiated, this game was released a few months ago on the AppStore, and by yesterday is also available for Android device!

    Mr. Dot is a retro 8-bit style game following Mr. Dot on his mission to rescue his lovely wife who has been swept away into the grey box land while walking their dog. You play as Mr. Dot in a endless runner type world where you must avoid obstacles, jump from block to block and collect coins to advance to the next level all in a very small amount of time.

    The time limit per level is what makes this game especially challenging. Because your character loops back to the beginning you could easily beat any level if you had enough time… But with a limited time you really only have one shot to do it right, and even then it can feel like a tight squeeze. And when the buzzer starts counting down your final three seconds you had better find a clock to add five seconds or be at the finish line.

    Here the link of the PlayStore: ... dios.mrdot

    and Here the link of the AppleStore: ... 45104&mt=8

    Give me your advice!

    Thanks to all

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