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    Hi, this is my first graphic adventure. Its a short duration game. You have to help the main character to find 3 items in the galaxy and come back with them to the laboratory to have time enought to have dinner.

    Ridiculous humour and bad talking.

    English & spanish translation.

    Any rate, comment or G+ is worth.

  • I played a little bit, but I got stuck on the first planet with the big mushrooms. maybe my tablet is too old to run this game. I was playing the english version, but some spanish texts still there, like in the notebook of the top right. "muestras para el laboratorio", "planeta zero", I can understand, because some words are the same in portuguese.

    just for curiosity, did you use cocoon or intel xdk to make the APK? I was making some test APKs of my games using cocoon and the loading screen from C2 doesnt show. In your game the loading screen is visible.

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  • Hi!. Thanks for testing and let me know. Yes, I have to debug a little bit more on the translations and reduce the use of memory.

    I export with XDK. I have used the first layout as loading screen, but you can change the logo anyway replacing it in the exported folder.


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