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  • Hi Everyone,

    I have been working on a game for the last two months and would really appreciate some input from the community.

    There is still a ton of things to add (and fix) but at some point someone besides me and my one beta tester is gonna have to play it and tell me if it's fun at all.

    No real story yet, just some game mechanics.

    So I welcome comments and suggestions and any bugs you may find.

    My game is HERE

    Looking forward to comments!


  • Physics seem fine. You have a nice consistent graphics style going. Seems good to me.

  • Thanks yaomon17!

    I worked to make the file size as low as i could by using tiled backgrounds for most the terrain. The thingy on the bottom of the layout says "approx download 2.9mb Memory use 3.8mb" I wonder if that is a lot?

    Anybody else? Is it fun? Too hard? any and all comments appreciated!

  • Good job, I'm bad at your game (or it's too hard ?) but it's fun ! Congrats.

    Edit: Maybe you should add waypoints in your levels.

  • Thanks Joskin,

    It is probably too hard....way points are a good idea, or maybe i need to make a bunch of shorter levels with less stuff to smash into until people get a chance to learn the controls. Been reading about BALANCING a game....

    Great comment!

  • It would be nice if, after a game over on level 2 for example, we could skip the level 1 and then directly start by level 2. For the moment you can hit space on game over and retry the level, but it's a bug I think :)

  • Hey Joskin,

    Yep noted...will see about skipping levels and search for the "Game Over Space Bar Bug".

    This is a huge help!


  • Sometimes even really small bump seems to destroy the ship. But really fun otherwise.

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  • Hi Katala,

    The feedback i have been getting is a lot like your comment...maybe too hard off the learning curve.

    "More time spent dying than flying" (liked that one).

    I hope to post Beta 1.1 this weekend, and will drop a note here when it's up and running. Some new animation frames and bits to make it easier to tell when you are in "DANGER OF BLOWING UP".

    I really appreciate all comments, and criticisms and compliments.

    Many thanks!


  • Hey everyone.

    Updated Moos Space Ship Simulator to BETA 1.1 from 1.0

    Main focus of the update is to make it easier to fly. so give it a try and let me know if you made it to level 2 or three...

    A blog post with more details can be found HERE

    If you'd rather not read my crappy prose and just wanna play, the game is HERE

    Please send you comments and criticism, many thanks again to those that did already!


  • Hey all,

    New version Beta 1.2 is now up HERE

    Details here

  • Howdy,

    Update of "Moos Space Ship Simulator" to beta 1.3 with on line high scores based on ArcadEd 's excellent tutorial HERE

    I also got the comments working again on my site so if you wanted to drop by and check it out come on over.

    Blog post HERE

    Game HERE

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