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  • Hello,

    This is another game created in 2016 and a bit improved since. It's current name is "Monsters" but I had no other idea at that time and this may change in the futur. The development will start again this summer.


    It's a 2D RTS game, mainly inspired by Dungeon Keeper, that try to extend to mechanisms. The player controls a dungeon master, a kind of hero that can summon monster workers and attracts new creatures along the game. The goal is to dig corridors and rooms to gather ressources and find treasures. Then the player will be able to build furnaces, anvils and workshop to create weapons, and many other buildings and traps. With an army trained and equipped, the player will defend himself against invasion from other dungeon lords and looters.


    • Simple and easy dig system to make corridors and rooms
    • Dozens of buildings, weapons and traps
    • Currently 20 differents creatures to attract or fight
    • A map generator to enhance replayability
    • Many spells that wizards can discover by researching in libraries
    • Special skills for some creatures (like the spy or the vampire)
    • A fully coded AI for solo gaming that adapts and change strategies through the game
    • A multiplayer mod to play with friends on the internet or LAN (with AI or not)
    • Possibility to incarnate any creature you own to play with
    • A simple diplomacy system to interact with the AI

    Some screenshots :


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  • any news ? is that open source ?

  • Hello burningcake,

    This was a prototype at first when I started to develop it in 2016. Then several things where added to make it more like a real game. As my young cousins really liked to play it and I got good feedback from friends and family, the project will be continued this summer, probably get back to it in July. A free demo will be available on my page in some weeks.

    There will be two races to play, some missions through a campaign, skirmish against AI and LAN/online multiplayer.

    Unfortunately it won't be open source because the code isn't readable enough to be shared. Many things were improved for intern readability but it lacks clarity, comments, and all the user friendly things. And I got no time to make it open source, apart from work and other projects.

    Instead, I can share methods and tips with others on the forum. If you have any question about coding an RTS in Construct 2, AI coding, multiplayer design, optimizing, no problem, I would be happy to help.

    Cheers !

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