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  • Here is the first project i made


    you fly around and shoot stuff

    link is here :

    i think i was quite a bit of content there

    10 levels

    2 special levels

    1 minigame

    6 upgrades to buy

    and a couple of enemys in the levels for you

    oh and a big mean boss in the boss :D

    ps . try to beat the highscore in the minigame , a friend of mine has done 9500 points there in the beta testing O-o( i had only 5000)

    if you have a kongrate account give it 5 stars :D

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  • oh , i just saw that the old scores dosent get replaced when you have a higher score in the minigame, anyone knows how to fix this ?

  • I really like the look to your game and the concept seems really fun. I think that homing missiles in level 1 may be a little steep for the player to start up at. Its fun, but might be better to have that in later levels. Graphically, the only thing I might change is the Red text against the green background on the bottom. Its a little hard on the eyes.

    If your first project is this good, i'm really excited to see your next.

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