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  • Hi all

    I've uploaded my latest game to Kongregate - it's an endless runner about a monkey. If anyone has any feedback, that'd be great.



  • Fun game, just a bit of constructive feedback, the random nature its generated seems to make some run throughs throw up impossible to beat sections ( jumps you cant make/obstacles you cant avoid ) This can make the player feel like the game is cheating them rather than it being hard. But a fun little time waster.

  • Thanks for your kind words - I've been experimenting with the randomness so I'll continue with improving that!

  • Just some suggestions. First, I would make the platforms jump through so you don't get caught between the platforms and the edge of the screen. Second, the running animation doesn't really match up very well with the actual speed. Third, I would make it so the jump height is based on how long the button is held down. You could keep the same maximum height that you have now, just make it so if the button is released the fall starts. (Also I noticed that sometimes the character wouldn't jump for a quarter second or so after landing even when I pressed the jump button and other times if he were at the extreme right edge of a platform where he should have fell off it still let me jump.) Lastly, as it is now it seems like the power ups are more of a hindrance then a help. Almost every time I got one it caused the poor monkey to bite the dust. With all that being said, I still continued to play for quite a while, so it is fun, just needs some love.

  • Hi Burvey

    I'm planning on making some tweaks so I'll take that all into consideration! I've noticed the same about the platforms in particular!

    Thanks for playing and feeding back!

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  • Cool. I wouldn't mind checking it out again after the updates.

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