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  • If you're like me and and have been gaming since the early 90s you'll remember games such as Contra that were challenging and fun.

    Well, I have yet to come across any mobile game that captures the feel of such games. There are a few arcade style shooters on mobile platforms, but none where you have movement controls AND aiming controls.

    So I've had this idea for years but haven't had the resources to get it together, as there really isn't anything out like the idea that's in my head. So I figured I'd just put it out there, because I think it has the potential to really penetrate the mobile space with plenty of room for multiple games to be based off of this template.

    It is a bit dated (years old), so any ideas are welcome to improve the template. I have many game ideas based off this template alone.

    Desktop Controls:

    [Left Click Mouse] -> Aim and Shoot

    [Left Arrow/A] -> Move to Left Cover

    [Right Arrow/D] -> Move to Right Cover

    Mobile Controls:

    [Tap/Touch Screen] -> Aim and Shoot

    [Touch Left Arrow/Tilt Phone Left] -> Move to Left Cover

    [Touch Right Arrow/Tilt Phone Right] -> Move to Right Cover

    You are vulnerable while moving or shooting.

    Here's a DEMO LINK

    Here's the CAPX

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