Mobile Construct2 game not possible. iOS game available

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  • This is the game in it's early bones shape: ... 25264?mt=8

    Please download it and play around a bit. It looks really good but unfortunately it lacks many features.

    Video :

    EDIT: EDIT: Nothing worked. I spent 40% of my time wrapping things with Ludeis Cocoon.IO, fiddling with WebGL on, reading up on how to export, incompatibilities, cute little glitches, this is a waste of time. I'd rather pay for someone to redo the entire thing in Unity and I'll continue my smaller projects in the as of now very limited Buildbox. Fare well Construct 2 community.

    EDIT: Seems that I might've made a huge tiny mistake and exported it in the wrong settings. Will reexport and see if heat is not crazy high and update everyone. Thank you Ashley for helping me out on this![/color]

    For me, mobile games using Construct2 is simply not possible. I will probably migrate to Buildbox since their performance is good and the User interface of the development suite is extremely well done.

    I've attempted to do EVERYTHING to optimize this game. I love Construct2 and the language and how easy it is to build very custom games, or literally anything 2D. I feel that I'm almost at that point right now, but whatever I make, however I optimize, the iPhone turns to lava.

    This game is a simple one, the biggest thing is the memory it takes to run it. All the assets are Retina sized to fit the iphone 6+ screen perfectly. Other than that, I delete EVERYTHING that's not in sight of the player, I only run things when they need to be run, I try to conserve the things that need to run all the time, to run as slow as it is unnoticeable so it doesn't cause heat.

    I sure hope C3 comes with native mobile exports since this is where casual and lighter games are made now. The engine and language is PERFECTLY compatible and approachable for mobile games. IT's like the perfect couple.

    This might be Cocoon.IO the wrapper, I really don't know. Initially the game was around 45mb, and when I wrapped it, came out at 95mb. No fun.

    I will still use Construct2 since I freaking love it, but for my main projects I will either hire Unity devs or work with Buildbox.

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  • $84-$99 a month or $2,675 one time for a design tool just to make mobile games. I'll pass.... I'll use Stencyl before I use Buildbox... I You better hope that you get your money back from ad revenue/iAP sales, etc...

    Yes, C2 isn't made for mobile games and it's been like that for several years now.

  • Send me your .capx to with clear instructions on what to test and I'll give it a spin on one of our iOS devices and see if it can be optimised. Often this turns out to be overuse of WebGL shaders or hitting fillrate limits - neither of which would be solved by using a native engine!

  • Ashley You are awesome. I wouldn't be into making games if it wasn't for C2 and I will always recommend it for desktop games. Not for "beginners or those that are just starting out", but for all. You guys are making people powerful because they can almost immediately spit out a prototype of pretty much anything they imagine.

    I sure hope I'm wrong and I've somehow been stupid with this game, but I can't find a mobile game done in Construct 2 that doesn't warm up the phone.

    Again thank you! Sending it now.

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