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  • Hi everyone !

    Here my game I create for the last challenge on construct.

    After few week of holidays, I decide to continue and finish this infinite random runner .

    Here the Dropbox Link : Color Space Runner   <font color="red">MAJ 16/11/11</font>

    I want add some new features:

    -Guitar hero gameplay with glyph

    -choose character

    And change some little thing:

    -Change animation of color power

    -add and new effect when you have all the glyphs

    -Change main menu

    -Add my own music

    -Sounds when collect little colors and glyphs

    And please, can you telle me, if you test the game, what's your score ?

    Very thx !


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  • 8489.

    This game was my personnal user choice for the last comp.

    I like this concept of random replayable world that requires skills (timing and choice about using the glyphs or not).

    The music suits it well, good job. (It's still displayed as "Music by Gaijin Games" in the menu though unless you are Gaijin Games ? Confusing...)

    The background still has the white line going accross the screen in FF 8.0 in win XP, setting layer0 background color to black should fix it.

    Good job, nice game I'll come back too regulary.

  • Thx Kyatric !

    For the white line, I asked to system to create on start of layout and black background. Normaly it's ok now !

    I change the main menu right now.

    I don't work for Gaijim Game, I use 2 musics from their. At the moment I'm on contact with a 8bits Music Artist.

    First step, I change the fire color, I want something bigger !

    See ya !

  • My user choice vote went for your game as well.


  • 7903

    After dying I have to reload the page, the up arrow for jump doesn't work.

  • Ho yeah the strange line has disappeared, it is far better better now :)

  • 5358

    Loved this game :)

    I had some problems, on the second time I played I couldn't jump. I had to refresh the page. All the times I played it happened.

    The animation, if you jump again when you are jumping, it restarts a bit, I guess. It happens something that seems it wasn't supposed.

    The music's fantastic, it completes the enviroment of the game. Way cool. You should gives us the mp3 to listen :)

    I did enjoy too those pixeled clouds, nice touch.

    The only thing I think you could get better is the jump system. For example, when you stop pressing the Space Bar the Character could stop jumping as well.

    The jump could last only the time the player presses the space bar. This way it would be possible to control the 'air time' (as long as you set a maximum jump arch) and it would give opportunity to do small jumps, which would come in handy.

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