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  • Hi,

    during Ludum Dare 26 - the theme was 'minimalism' - I built Minimal Jump. You can play it at Scirra Arcade, or - if you'd like to vote - on Ludum Dare. The Arcade version has minimal (pun intended) bugfixes and a highscore list, though.

    I'm already working on a bigger version, which will include several game modes and HD graphics (read: 8bit style).

    Hope you like it. :)

    Kindest regards,


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  • I really dislike the "two-second penalty" part, but hey, not bad for only 48 hours of development time!

  • I played it one of these days. It's a good game, but the graphics started to burn into my eyes after a while. If you're gonna make better graphics, I suggest getting rid of the white-on-black lines

  • Yeah, I know, that the penalty is disturbing, but it needed a challenge and I thought, this was one. ;) During the development I also had a version, where even a hit to the ceiling during a jump, would give you this penalty. But I removed it.

    I will improve it in the next version (but it might not get removed).

    Of course the graphics are terrible. But this will definetly change. :) There will be be backgrounds, I really want to make it look like a beautiful C64 or Amiga-Game. That would fit the gameplay the most, I think.

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