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    Play 4 Levels of Touch Taken game. It's still work in progress and the final version might not be exactly the same. These are 4 levels are especially made for purpose testing. I would ask you to play and leave a comment of the what you think, just don't reply you couldn't do it so you gived it up, it's possible, I done it.

    Chrome Demo:



  • Yup!

    Some bugs:

    If you press E to open a lot of time the doors overlapse the blocks, same with close button.

    Some problems with collision between the hero and the blocks.

    But you got a good idea, nice!

  • Dobandon, I think it's a really fun and challenging game. I am not worthy, because I had to finally give up on level 3 and pay attention to my wife. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I noticed I kept getting stuck on the edges of the blocks, which a few times messed up the flow of the game and caused me to die. I haven't worked with platformers in C2, so I don't know if that is correctable.

    A good effort all around!

  • Yeah, I got stuck on the edges of blocks too. perhaps adjust your collision polygon to be more square-like.

    Also, reading those signs would be very difficult for some people due to the tiny text.

  • Cute :)

    Fix the bugs and it will be a pretty nice game :D

  • Thank you all for testing and commenting. I have realised that a lot of you though the arm is glitch, unfortunately I kinda made it like, there is collisions especially put in so the guy could grab, some of the ledges are actually raised hire to make it happen, but from feedback I had all along and here I will probably fix the ledge thing, but will still think about it. Maybe I should of included in Tutorial that is possible to do that, will see.

    I will also try fix the button problem so that platforms don't go over each other, seems that overlapping and collision doesn't stop it.And also will definitely fix the signs as you barely can see.



    Also if you don't wish to go through all levels then:

    Number 2 gets you to level 2

    Number 3 gets you to level 3

    Number 4 gets you to level 4

    Number 5 gets you to level 5

    Quick way to get into levels that you want to try.

  • once the door is open, if you keep tapping 'e' it keeps moving the door up by little increments. then it won't come down.

  • Yeah I am aware of that issue and I'm trying everything but how do you fix it ? that is the smallest amount I can get to.

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  • I have released the demo of 3 Levels to chrome web store.

    There a little different as above. And the link above will be deleted.

  • I think you should advance your artwork a lot because it is not very good , but your mechanic is good so you should not waste such a big potential of your work

  • ann

    Three posts and all 3 negative.

  • I think artwork is nice, it's simple, maybe the animation for character is not good, but that's how I imagined it, for full game I will definitely work I guess on something better in graphics wise.

    Can you maybe give feedback on what way to improve the graphics.

  • ann, I don't think you understand how our community works. Your 3 posts have been unnecessarily negative. Constructive criticism is welcome but just saying "it is bad" is only going to upset people.

    Consider yourself warned.

  • personally i think this game has all it should have even with art work, it all about hooking people and i opened it and played for like 20 mins strait before i had to pick up my daughter from school. great game, makes you think and i think the art work is good and fitting. reminds me a little of portal art work i guess because of the whites and greys.

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