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  • Hi guys!

    I was testing the famous Cookie Clicker concept with Construct 2.

    So, with my prototype, you can't go really far playing it. I mean, after a few times, you're so rich that it does'nt make sens to play (because there's only 4 items in the shop). But that's not the point in this.

    My point is, loosing focus on my 'game'. If you hide the tab ou minimize the browser, then, numbers are not growing. Letting the game playing itself on the background is then not working, the point of this kind of game would be then not 'doable' with Construct 2.

    Click on image:

    Am I wrong on this?

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  • Zav maybe you can get the system time (wallclocktime) when the game is out of focus and when becomes again on focus calculate the amount of credits generated and update it.

    Browser.On suspended and Browser. On resumed

  • Cipriux thanks a lot, that was a genius trick :D

    Some friend helped me formulating it, but it's working now.


    Here's what I wrote:

    <img src="http://zav.site.free.fr/screenshots/2013-11-09_100202073.jpg" border="0">

  • Zav The problem with C2 is that for a mobile game does not allow the game to run in the background but it allows it to pause. From what i know, Android OS can close without warning the game if the RAM is too tight. So make sure to experiment and save the time to "disk"

  • Cipriux ok, I'm noting it somewhere. For now my concern was only about web browsing on PC, but you're right about testing it for mobile. Thanks again.

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