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  • Hi everyone, here is a metronome application that I made, as I am currently studying guitar and found a distinct lack of offline metronome apps, or online ones that stored my previous settings. This app was designed purely for myself, but I hope any budding musicians find enjoyment from it!

    I'll be submitting it to the Google Play store soon, just waiting for some cash to come through so I can sign up as a developer.

    Please let me know if you experience any weird bugs or strange things. It should be pretty easy to use for anyone who's used a digital metronome before.

    Oh, I forgot to mention the keyboard shortcuts: numpad + and - to change speed, return to start/stop the metronome, and * to toggle the fourth beat beep thing.


    Offline download (22MB zip)


    <img src="" border="0">

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  • Pretty solid metronome, I could see this being useful for musicians on the go.

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