Metrocity Escape [Free Prototype Side Scroller]

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  • Hello,

    I would like to present Metrocity Escape, a prototype game released on for testing. It's a fast paced side scroller where the player has to escape from a science fiction mega city, cruising aboard a hover car while behind chased by pirates.

    Only the first level is implemented, the development will start this summer. For now, you can try it for free here

    Some gifs :

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  • Brilliant.

  • Thank you NetOne ! Did you try the browser demo on ? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions if you have any and if you will.

  • Hello everyone,

    I've uploaded the last version for the Metrocity Escape demo on Here is the list of changes.

    Features :

    • Vehicles can now be unlocked when docked and left at a station, for further play sessions
    • Unlocked vehicles can be selected at game start
    • Several vehicles added, including bikes
    • Vehicles can store multiple items and player can cycle through them
    • Agents standing on a vehicle are now ejected upon collision
    • Shotgun and Rocket Launcher added as personal weapons (available in bonus and at stations
    • Added the possibility to shoot from bikes, with direction based on nearest enemy vehicle
    • New agents graphics
    • Police barrages may appear as events when wanted level in superior to 2
    • Additional control tips added in the menu
    • In game pause added

    Tweaks :

    • Army gunship boss life increased
    • Most vehicles life increased
    • Dragoon laser size and damage increased
    • Missile damage increased

    There are now 55 vehicles in the game. I hope you'll enjoy trying it. Any feedback is most welcomed !

    A downloadable version (Windows 64bits) has been uploaded, it has more stability than the browser version, and unlocked vehicles are kept between game sessions.

    You can try it here :

  • Hello,

    The available demo of Metrocity Escape has been updated to version 3.

    Nouveautés :

    • La démo comporte maintenant 3 niveaux complets
    • De nouveaux véhicules ont été ajouté
    • Des nouveaux effects visuels, sons et musiques
    • Niveau de difficulté légèrement augmenté, les boss ont plus de points de vie
    • Meilleur équilibrage du jeu
    • Quelques bugs corrigés

    The demo is now complete with its 3 levels and the next updates will concern the full game itself. There will be two sequences, the first with 5 levels Shoot'm'up and Runner oriented gameplay, and the second exclusivly Shoot'm'up with 3 levels.

    Come and try the game here Metrocity Escape (

    Your feedback and suggestions are most welcomed. Wish you'll like it !

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