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  • It's time for me to thank the Scirra team from the bottom of my heart for developing Construct 2. This wonderful software allowed me, a person hopeless in learning programing, to express my self thru an interactive creation. The work I speak of is tilted "Memories" and was my graduate project for the Department of Fine Applied and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia in Greece.

    I intended to make a proper presentation of the project, putting as much information about the developing process as I could, but for various reasons this has being halted from my part.

    I want to share my work with you though and, even more, make a statement about what this software can provide to someone, even to people like me -that are practically useless in programming.


    A short trailer:

    A short description would be the following:

    The work "Memories" is an interactive, audiovisual narration of an immaterialized, digital world, reflecting personal experiences and recollections. The viewer controls a paper-thin character as he unfolds an outline of thoughts and emotions, from my childhood until now.

    "Memories" plays as a Platformer. Use "A & D" keys (or arrow keys) for movement, Hold "Shift" to run and "Space" (or up arrow) to jump. At any point you can change level by hitting "ESC" and choose one from the menu. The experience however is meant to be linear. For best performance and implementation of the Advanced Audio API use Google Chrome. Please, have in mind that this isn't an optimized application to run on tablets and phones, it is around 108 Mb in size and it runs most of the times at 60 fps on my 5 year old mid-high range computer, at full-screen with Letterbox Scale. So, a modern laptop or an average Desktop is recommended

    I hope you like my work, I've put a lot of effort to it and it caries a lot of emotional charge. I especially want to pay my respects Ashley and thank him again, with his support and genius development skills I was able to express my self, so, yes, THANK YOU!

    Oh, and check out the credits, I was sure to include all the forum members that helped me with their wonderful advices, add-ons and examples. Kudos to the Scirra community also!


  • Nice. I'm a newbie with Construct 2 but I can tell me and C2 will have fun times making games in the future

  • The trailer looks great!

  • Nickorama I am sure you and C2 will get along just fine Thanks!

    Captain Thanks! The full experience is even better (IMHO)

  • Absolutely mind blowing stuff.... what a work of art! You should be so proud of this!! Personally I can't think of anything else in the interactive medium as visually jaw-dropping as Memories.... and it was such a fluid experience too, very surprising.

    The only issue I came across was a typo you may not have noticed.... you said "provited you live in..." instead of "provided"... just thought you might want to fix that. Otherwise..... amazing!!!

  • dirtylook

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I am very-very glad you like it!!! And thank you for spotting my typo! I've fixed it.

    The end credits were updated also -/Edit-

  • This is beautiful work eli0s!! I love the style music everything!!

  • Wow! This looks like a game that will keep me busy for hours . The third stage had me sold . Keep it up . I would love to see more of this game.

  • PhoenixNightly Thank you very much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    DravenX Well, that will definitely affect the statistics that the 3rd level provides you


    //Unfortunately I am having trouble re-uploading the game to the FTP server right now. After dirtylook was so kind to point out a typo, I had re-exported the game, but for some reason some files have different sizes and others are not getting thru. The credits are not playing because the event system waits for a on-time cue. Oh well...

    Problem solved, project up and running, end credits are rolling as they should


  • Nice work.

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  • Trailer looks nice. However, problem loading the page.

  • iceangel Thank you very much!:)

    KLEVIS Miho Thank you Can you please elaborate on the problem? The game doesn't load or loads partially, or the is the inaccessible? It will be nice to know since I suspect that there are parts of the world that for some reason block my url.

  • This is great. The framerate dropped down to 10fps for me at the last section playing fullscreen. I couldn't tell at first if the slowness was intentional or not because it's so abstract

    The artwork is amazing.

  • ramones Thank you very much for your comment! Haha, indeed, since the final section symbolizes decay and the descent to Hades, it should be accompanied with low fps by design! . The level is heavily comprised by textures with normal maps and uses the bump webGL effect on many-many layers, so that should be the main reason for the low fps.

  • Oh what a beautiful work!!

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