Mega Man X Engine (WIP)

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  • Hey guys!

    I'm working on this engine from Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo. I've been thinking about doing this for a while now, but life always got in the way. Now I have a little spare time so I can work a little bit on this project.

    I do intend to make a full game out of this engine, but I don't know if I'm going to make in on Construct 2. Either way, the .capx will be downloadable when I'm done.

    If you guys can test it out, give an opinion, share some ideas or experiences.. Well, everything really is very much appreciated!

    I'll post all the updates here and the couple last ones there.

    .:: All updates ::.

    March 06 2013: First post

    • Start, walk and jump animations
    • Very beta wall jump

    March 08 2013: Little update

    • Okay, so I did some updates on the animations comparing to the actual game frame by frame, and I think it looks pretty nice now. It's definitely better than before, that's for sure.
    • Also, fixed the origin at the jump animations. Can be better, but for now it's pretty good.
    • Main feature here is a little update on the wall jump mechanic. Although the numbers are still off, it's getting closer to X's actual wall jump on the game.
  • Hey looking better.

    try making the wall jump higher, the Y vector you get when jumping off a wall is crazy small and you cant jump off the wall only up it, in MMX you can jump off the wall to get behind bosses and the like.

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  • Making X "cling" to the wall is the priority on the wall-jump mechanic, I just did not have the time. Also, I'm still figuring out the best way to implement this.

    About the Y coordinate thing, these aren't good at all, but I focused this update on making the walk, jump, fall and land animations more real, comparing frame-by-frame with the game. I did the wall-jump because I was not happy AT ALL with what I had before xD

    I DID compare the X coordinate though, and non-dashing X goes pretty close to the wall. Not good implemented anyway, but definitely a step forward!

    Thanks for commenting!

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