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    Robots have taken over the world. They quickly decimated most of the population, forcing the survivors to run and hide. The robots quickly improved their armor, becoming nearly impervious to all known weapons. Humans now live in EM dome cities.

    One day a mechanic discovers a new technology, or is it... a new life form? After tinkering around, he builds the first Personal Protection Orb! The PPO is somewhere between a biological and mechanical being. It has a new kind of energy which can power weapons, enabling them to damage the robots!

    Now the Mechanic Master must venture out into the killing fields, destroy the evil robots, and collect their resources in order to build more PPOs.

    Video of some gameplay (Outdated. Changed to a map instead of wave system, but this still shows the basics.)

    New Gameplay Video!

    Keep in mind, this is in the very early stages. There are bugs, I'm not a programmer, or an artist. I'm sorry that it's ugly, but I just wanted to get started on the concept while I look into refining it. I have about 15 pages in a notebook worth of stuff to add still, but it's at a point where it's fun enough to share with people.

    Thanks to the guys at Games By Design for giving out the free indie sprite pack, check it out for your games.

    When you have more than 1 PPO and are in the store, click on the other PPO icons to upgrade their weapons and armor. You can buy more Knockback Bombs in the lower left of the store for 25 credits each. Press spacebar to use them when you're in trouble!

    Most of all, Have fun!!

    <font size="4">Play the game!</font>



    • Added some new background textures.
    • Fixed the tutorial and added the button in Instructions.


    • Made factories easier to spot on the map.
    • Added level exp % when mousing over the Exp bar.
    • Fixed a bug with Level Up text not showing.
    • Set missiles to a 3 second detonation time.
    • Added current # of knockback bombs text to store.


    It's time! Mechanic Master is now saving your progress including, your level, skills you have chosen on the "R" screen, and the boss drops you have earned.

    Right now the max level is 20, and that will be increased within the next few days.

    Get levels to power up, find factories and kill the bosses to get upgrades!

    PS. If the intro screen still says it is not saving progress, you need to update (refresh the page until it goes away)


    • Defeat bosses for their drops. 4 drops so far.
    • Changed from desert to a forest temporarily.
    • Made the player immune to damage if 3 PPOs are active
    • Added the ability to find nearby factories from the Map screen (hit "M")
    • Added Options to Esc menu, allowing player to toggle music/sound
    • Press "Z" to Zoom in and out
    • Added Dash cooldown to UI


    • New UI!
    • Set the default to be zoomed out a bit. Press Z to toggle zoom.
    • Right click to dash (15 second cooldown)
    • Enemy Factories - Many enemies guarding them.
    • Enemy difficulty zones - Determines Enemy # and type.
  • Man, what a GREAT game!

    I really liked it. I love the idea of having the possibility to pump your chars (in this case, the PPO, both by "buffing" them (1,2,3,4) or by buying equips on store).

    I just found the enemies a bit hard to kill.

    WAY TO GO!

    Ps.: that tutorial thing? genius.

  • keviebyo,

    ok, i'm just going to say this. you might want to alter your thread title. i had a uh, impression, of what your game was going to be, uh 'about', but thankfully...i was

    if you don't get what i'm referring to, say your thread title three times fast.

  • harrio

    Yeah, I kinda thought about that shortly after making the post. I should probably change it.


    Thank you very much!

  • I added a new button to the intro screen (upper left) to take you to more of an RPG type level. Head straight south from the city to find a surprise! Try to get close and click on it to fight a boss.

    This is my next focus, so the World 1 will change a lot over the next few days.

  • Hey Kevie,

    This looks promising. With some nice graphics I can imagine it playing pretty nice.

    Ive said this to other people, but im not a fan of the instructions in general. It is smart in a way what you have done not to be able to skip it - but also a little annoying, if your game was not in this forum i wouldnt have played past the title screen (That kind of makes me sound like an asshole but im just being honest - constructively honest).

    As for the instructions themselves it was an information overload. I had read them all but when it came to play time i just found myself running around, letting the ball kite my enemies (it wasnt neccesary to use any skill because i was faster than the enemy).

    My suggestion is to lose the instructions completely and spread out your information to where it is relevant in the game. For example, how about starting off with just 1 skill. PPO heal - explain how to use the heal at the beginning of level 1. At the end of level 1 introduce the player to the store (because by that time they will have enough money to buy things so it becomes relevant).

    I do look forward to progress on this. Congrats on the progress you have made thus far.

  • Thanks for the feedback GenkiGenga.

    I'm kind of on the fence about the forced tutorial as well. It was implemented when I had too many people jumping into the game and getting killed because they didn't know what to do. It uses an unusual casting system too.

    Since the game is currently in transition to more of an open world type map, vs waves of enemies, it should be much easier to blend the basic gameplay tutorial into the beginning of the game like you suggested. Then have a separate tutorial screen for the store, collecting/crafting deployables (not in-game yet), etc, which are optional.

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  • Aaaand it's converted! Instead of waves of enemies followed by a boss, the game is played on a map with enemy spawns and factories to destroy. Just kill the enemies near a factory. Then get close and click on it to fight a boss! Has much more of an old school action/rpg feel now.

    After you kill a boss, you are taken back to the city to spend your newly acquired resources. Go out and find another factory. The boss will be more difficult and will drop another upgrade item.

    Press M any time to find the closest factory.

    Right now, the Mechanic can get two Dash upgrades, along with a resource auto collector and one upgrade. (So kill the boss 4 times to see his different difficulties and get his drops)

    Once I start saving game progress, all Levels, skill points, and boss drops will be saved. If you start a new gaming session and fight a level 1 boss but already got his dash upgrade; he will instead drop a deployable turret part. More on those soon!

  • Added in some new background textures to spice things up a bit. The new screenshot is against the first boss.

    Also added the start of a system where the ground looks worse as you get farther from Dome City. I'll make the transitions smoother over the next few days.

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