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  • I have made a maze type game. Right now there is not much to the game, you can just use the arrow keys to navigate through the maze. I'm really interested in the FPS you get, its shown in the upper right corner.

    Maze Game

  • Looks good so far!

    IE9 - 55 to 59

    Chrome - 60 to 61

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  • Thanks for the info. I was concerned since there are alot of physic sprites on the layout. The maze is created using a plugin i made implementing the Recursive backtracker algorithm. Which means there are alot of sprites created on the layout and its known that when you have alot of physic sprites your performance decreases.

  • How did you generate random maze. 10x.

  • Sweet...

    My boss called me a cyborg... well really, she called me the machine...

    That is like Tweedle-Dee calling anyone by their correct name...

    I like what you created.

    Please make more...

  • Looks good.

    On a technical note performance isn't dead because you using immovable objects. Immovable objects aren't in the physics simulator. They only exist in the collision checks. Also as information Bullet doesn't use brute force collision checking. It uses binary or quad tree collision detection. which means that the collision check can cut out half the objects in one pass. Then another half in a second pass. so in about 4 checks it's cut out all but just a couple of objects to check.

    so on the technical note. Your physics should only be doing collision checks on binary space partition detection.

    With all this your performance shouldn't be really too bad.

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