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    Max Stern is finally out!

    We are especially happy to announce to all those, who supported us and showed interest in the game, that the day has come!

    You may take part in his adventures and explore an amazing sequence of events, which happened in alternative history in the mid-19th century.

    The life of an ordinary smuggler is some kind of boredom: endless bureaucracy, hours of waiting... And though it sounds odd to us, still there are people, who find this job interesting. But if one day this perfect routine goes wrong, and your airship is knocked out over a mysterious tropical island? A hard question to answer. So you'd better be ready to fight for your life, gather together all the parts of the Spanish chronicle, solve puzzles and, finally, yes… grind the armed skeletons into dust on your way to impatient customers.

    The game features:

    • An island full of dangers, traps and ruthless enemies

    • You’ll have various guns to get rid of your vicious foes

    • If at any point your guns seem insufficient, use mines with no doubt

    • Although not very smart, the skeletons are not an easy mark at all. As they are equipped and armed differently, some of them will make you struggle for your life real hard

    • Sometimes shooting is not enough, and you’ll have to solve puzzles to come up with it

    • Try your luck and find hidden places and secret levels

    So maximize your will to survive and join our smuggler squad!

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