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    Boost you brain and enhances your math ability with MathSter, the best math game in the Play Store.

    Mathster is a collection of math's minigames, specifically designed to let you to improve your math skills

    Download Mathster now, the best math game in the Play Store and compete with people from all over the world, thanks to the leaderboard implemented inside the game.

    You can create a BCcount with a single click and save your progress on the Cloud

    Mathster is available on Facebook tooo!!!

    Master is frequently updated with new math's mini-games.




    -Math attack-

    Time is running out, solve the operations as fast as possible.

    -math X minute-

    Try to solve the largest number of operations in only one minute.

    -Math Compare

    Compare two equations, touch the one with the greatest result.

    -Mental Math

    Sum or subtract the numbers that pass the screen, keep in mind and enter it the result when it's time.

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  • blackcatgames I gave it a go on facebook, mental math, I don't get it. I type in the answer and it does not respond. I score 0. The program is not intuitive as it is.

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