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  • Hello, young people and those who want to stay young.

    Today we will introduce our Masao no Bouken game that we have developed for 2 years, but first let's talk about who we are. We are the group of Hemoloya Games. If you are ready, shall we move on to our game?

    Our game looks like a classic platform game, but it contains yinyang, object acquisition and dialogue. You need to come to any NPC by pressing our main character for the dialogue and press the Y key and after reading you can return to the next dialog or game by pressing the ENTER key. To get an object, you need to touch it with our character, but for the yinyang feature, you will first get the object and then simply press the number keys 1 to 5 on the keyboard. At least 5 items are required to pass the level in our game.

    While playing our game, Construct 2, Piskel and one music program were used. While the programming and design of the game and the episodes were all yours, a friend of the team was interested in their music. We have completed the demo of our game for now, but you will wait a little longer for the main game.

    Thank you for reading.





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  • Is there an english version of the game?

  • Hello Eren-san!

    It will come when the World version of the game is released.

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