Marty the M.M.M. in under 100 lines Touch and Keyboard

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  • Any suggestions or helpful resources to check out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

    Play at Fullscreen or 800x480 windowed since I get this message if I try to link directly"VioletGaming is not yet permitted to post plain text URLS". Click the icon want to play at the bottom of the page.

    Tested on IPhone, IPad, Android Nexus and Galaxy as well as P.C. Browser testing includes Chrome, Firefox, WaterFox64, PaleMoon, Torch, and Opera. Sometimes a reload is necessary loading screen goes red. I would love to figure out why.

    If you are on a computer and want to play with the touch controls, just click the start screen with your mouse.

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Marty the Martian Maintenance Man is a full platform game with 6 levels in the vein of Castlvania-ish. 6 moving enemies and a boss with varying degrees of A.I., along with the classic bevy of spikes and lava. Full menu system, with pause, music and sound mute buttons. I programmed it so I can add more levels without adding more code, but I think I will add a mapping level system.

    I have made several physic touch puzzle games but have always wanted to make a classically difficult platformer in the style of Ghost N' Goblins, but I was not that cruel and made it much easier with unlimited lives. The next major overhaul is the graphics which I was surprised at how difficult and time consuming pixel art can be. My lack of a license turned out to be a good thing for learning to program the game as every last code snippet has been trimmed as much as I can. I still have a little room and think I may add a shotgun and exploding boxes with power-ups (that may be a stretch.). But if I can ever wrangle together the funds, a Construct 2 license is the first thing I will be getting. This has been an incredibly rich learning experience and I would love to expand on what I have done. So on that note, I hope you guys like what I have done here, and I look forward to showing a more polished version in the future. Thanks.

  • Hi, do we just need to put the link and I'll look

  • So you guys can see what I am talking about since I can't post URLS choose a size of the game you want to play at the bottom.

    http:// violetgaming . com

    It would not let me. But I will try again here. Nope did not work I got this fun message. "VioletGaming is not yet permitted to post plain text URLS" sorry.

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  • Just put a space in the url somewhere.


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