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  • Hello everyone

    Please take a look at my first game at Construct 2. It's called Marbles

    In general, this is match 3 game but it has some unusual features.


    About the game:

    You need to move colored marbles around the screen and make sets of three or more marbles. There is no grid and you can move anywhere on the screen. You just need marbles to be close enough to each other to make a match. You can make 2 "blank moves" without creating a set but if you make too many blank moves, all marbles are rearranged and you loose one life.

    The goal is to earn as many points as possible before time runs out

    How to play:

    Left click on marble and drag the mouse on desired position on the screen. Then release mouse button. You only can move marbles if there is no other marbles on their way.

    When circle marker appears around marbles this means that they are close enough to make a set.

    Hope you like it!

    Best regards to all!

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  • I had a play at this, well done for a first game...

  • Really interesting, nice and fun to play !

  • Pretty simple, intuitive, and it's a nice touch that you incorporated a positive feedback sound when matching three marbles.

  • Thank you guys! Good to know that gameplay is simple: I really tried to make it as intuitive as possible


    Glad you like that sound =)

    btw there are 4 different sounds playing for 3,4,5 and 6+ sets ;)

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