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  • There isn't a lot of meat to my first game. For that reason, I tried to make it tough enough so the player dies before he/she gets bored.

    Did I succeed in that goal?

    As a designer I like how it covers up my lack of content. But does it frustrate you as a player?

    How high of a score did you get before you quit/died?

    The Adventures of Crawdaddy Casey

    Thanks for your input! I'm a non-programmer who wouldn't be able to do this without Construct 2. So thanks guys!

  • cornfedgamer, how are you? i played your game a little, i reach more than 5000 points and i can keep doing it for hours, i think mostly because there is not a notable incresing in the difficult, you may considerer adding spped to the monster everytime you destroy one. Also i fpund a little bug, in the upper left corner a few images are stuk with no movement.

    Hope this is useful to you! bye!

  • Thanks for taking the time!

    The bad guys are supposed to spawn more frequently as time goes on. There is also a line that spawns an enemy if there are no other instances.

    But I have some power-ups that can stack to make the crawdaddy overpowered.

  • Haha! Collages are very funny. Also good to see that beards are in place :)

    But the game is not challenging. There should be more difficulty increase over time. Like speed of enemies or their size, or their manner of moving.

  • hmm i don't know but i didn't like the graphics from human pictures, also weird that you made the background full pixel while others doesn't looks full pictures except when we zoom alittle or something like that at least make the background with same pixel size on character would be better...

    also why the enemy bounce when i shoot them is it bug or what??

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  • Sorry for you cornfedgamer, good try but you have not created the most frustated game on the earth ! ... perhaps another time ;-p

  • Thanks for the input. Yeah, it's a train wreck. The next one will be more OK. I think the problem was that the people who play tested it for me did it on a laptop with a track pad, which would make it more difficult.

    Yeah, the enemies are supposed to get knocked back a little bit at the opposite angle of the bullet when it hits them.

    On the human faces, I agree. But the main point I suppose was for a little silly promo for the comedy group.


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