Magnetized ( Newgrounds Touch jam!)

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  • My entrance to Newgrounds Touch jam!

    1.Game name : Magnetized

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <font color=blue><font size="5">2.Game link : (newgrounds)</font></font>

    3.Control : Touch or mouse(left click) or keyboard ("Z")

    4.Instructions :

    I think i was alone on the journey of chasing dreams, like always...

    so lonely and endless...

    but in the end...

    5.This game is about to say :

    Chasing dreams is like walking alone on an endless road.

    sometimes we succeed,

    but most time we fail.

    it really doesn't matter,

    after trying again and again,

    we will success in the end.


    only if,

    we carry through to the end.


    we dream for what we want,

    not for what we lack.

    end can't stop us

    can't stop us to dream a dream again

    the power of creativity.


    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    made in 4 months,199 events.

    Hope you like it!

  • rocky10529

    The four months of work that you put into making this game really shows. Excellent presentation (except for the flashing boxes during the loading screen, which melted my brain a little), fantastic retro style music, and a really fun puzzle game. Once I figured out what I was supposed to do I found it very addictive, and although I only got as far as level 6 I will definitely be back for more (I was playing on Safari on an Ipad3, in case you're interested).

    A serious contender in the competition, and good luck with it. Even if it doesn't win, it's well worth pushing it onto mobile devices.

  • Just been playing the game a bit more (got as far as level 12 now. hurrah!) and there's a few things I've noticed. It does experience the occasional bit of slowdown though is doesn't effect the gameplay too much. Also the cog on the right top corner doesn't seem to do anything when I click it (I expect this is some sort of settings button?). I'll test it again in Chrome, and maybe on PC to see whether its a browser or device issue.

  • Dave Hailwood

    yes,it is option button.

    still working on it (but don't know why it doesn't work for some people)

    and this game is exactly made for mobile device!

    i will working on "Magnetized 2" with 120 levels and other 3 types of magnet.

    glad you like this game:)


  • This is by far the best NG game jam entry I have seen yet.

  • rocky10529

    Blimey! Over 3,500 views and masses of 5 star ratings, and that's only on your first day of launch.

    very well done; it's nice to see the Newgrounds community are a bit more welcoming and receptive of thoughtful puzzle games than some communities that are out there.

    I look forward to the sequel, and seeing how this one does in the competition (the options button works absolutely fine on desktop using IE9, by the way).

  • Excellent game ! Congrats :)

  • Wow, your game is awesome, man. I just tried it and I loved it! Great job!!!

    I also entered the compition yesterday with my game "Remember the Dead" and I'm really looking forward to the outcome of the contest! It's my first game ever, so that makes this even more interesting ;o)

    Yours is definitely worth a NG-five-star rating, which I'm going to file right after posting this here ;o)

    All the best,


  • First I just wanna say I love your logo with the monkey! ^^

    The gameplay is really awesome! Love the music as well :D

  • rocky10529

    I had trouble with the load. Got the intro screen and sound, but after that all went black, yet the music still played. I do not know if anyone else here has experienced this. I notice with a few other games in the arcade as well.

  • Thanks guys!

    Now featured on NG!!

    Ease tween plugin rocks!


    Thanks, your game is so fun and creative!my girlfriend love it so much,cant wait for mobile version!

    Dave hailwood

    Thanks for testing!

    I'll continue working on mobile performance!


    Maybe it is sever problem,i have same experience when i upload my game on dropbox.

    Try different browser and refresh might work! (or change sever

  • rocky10529 WOW Great game, I made it to level 37 and had to stop at 200 deaths as I was getting killed trying to make that tight turn so farm from the magnet. AWESOME game!

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  • Good graphics, my competitor, must be a long time to draw)))

    But seriously, it's a pretty strong game. It worthy of first place!

  • Damn man, very nice. Simplicity at its finest. Even though I'm still hoping to get something entered into the comp, this looks set to take the win.

  • ...Simplicity at its finest...

    that says it all sir.

    love this game. had me tense and nail biting from the start. it almost hits the visual milestone of a perfect game like tetris or pacman; when you first see it, it tells you how to play it.

    well done.

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