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  • Hi All, Moblogyk Team, a Company that developed mobiles games has the pleasure to present our new game developed with Construct 2:

    Madness Trip

    Madness Trip is an arcade and action game, more precisely Madness Trip is a mix of strategy and driving game. In Madness trip you have to drive across the continents, each world is based on real continents: European World: Present in Madness Trip 1.1 Asiatic World: Present in Madness Trip 1.1 American World: Work in Progress

    Common Elements:

    Madness Trip 1.1 is composed of two worlds (Nine in the first and twelve in the second) The game starts with the European World and ends with Asiatic World.

    [quote:igdw0gue] In each Level you control the Madness Car, you start from departure and you have to unlock Exit by killing enemies. When you collides Exit door you move towards the next Level.

    Specific Elements:

    Several objects will help or prevent you from reaching your goal such as Coins, Bonus, Police Checks, Ghost Bus, Magic Sphinx, Walls, Gas Station, and turrets, crazy etc…

    Each Object has a specific behavior can be or not link to others object:


    [Police Checks] - This object controls your papers car:

    • If all is correct the object will prompt text and say: “Nothing to report”
    • If you do not have that papers car, Police will retrieve your bonus ammo.

    NB: Bonus ammo are given by the magic sphinx who unlocks bonus door

    Multiple combinations and scoring :

    [quote:igdw0gue]From departure to arrival there are a multiple combinations of path, but only few paths and few actions will raise your levels score.

    The levels score is calculated with the time we let to reach arrival, money, ammo, and fuel. So you have to handle it in order to get the best score in a level!

    The best mark is “Madness Tripper” and the worst is “Madness Looser” . When you finished the entire 21 levels Madness Application offer you the possibility to put your score online, and only first five Madness Trippers are display in the Application.

    Today KEV is our best Madness Tripper he has reaches 850000 points! Will you do better?

    Coming Soon:

    We are actually developed the world 3, which is based on American world, we will not reveal it now and considered it as a surprise. We will inform you of our moves.

    You feedback are really important for us, in order to improve our application and to share with Scirra Community the best of us!

    App And Social Networks :

    Madness Trip 1.1 is right now available in the play store, it’s a free app; do not hesitate to follow us on our social network :

    Google Play :

    Facebook :

    Twitter :


    Our main goal is to share with people our love for the game and new technology.

  • What I liked:

    -the driving controls


    -the look was pretty good

    What I didn't like:

    Have you thought of making it with a left control for the firing? I take my finger off the driving now to shoot.

    It doesn't show on my Android 2.3 phone, but I was able to play it on my Galaxy Tablet.

    The time it takes to load, I wonder if it is working.

    What I thought was really weird:

    The sphinx? Really?

    Throwing all those instructions at the player at once.

    Full page ads after a disappointing round.


    The driving was fun, it looked nice.

    Can I ask you, what were some of the sizes of the images you used for your backgrounds?

  • Thank you "TheDoctor" for feedbacks, particularly "Left control for the firing" which is a very interesting observation that deserves to be studied !

    Regarding your Android 2.3 phone as mentioned in the play store the minimal configurations requirements is :

    Operation System : Greater or Equal to android version 4.0

    Display : Greater or Equal to 4.3 Inch - 540 x 960 pixels

    GPU : Mid-Range products

    The Sphinx is a mysterious character in Madness Trip, which is responsible of allocating bonuses to the player.

    This game object allows us to add a fantastic side to madness trip, so to enrich the game.

    Throwing all instructions at player at once is to help him to keep in mind our concept of multiples combinations to success.

    Finally, the sizes of the images used for backgrounds are the size coming from multiscreens cocoonjs topic :

    Glad to heard that the drive was nice and the game look nice, Hope that you will become a real madness driver

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  • Was there a main reason you had to limit yourself to Android 4.0 or better?

    It looks like you just wanted to develop for tablets right?

    Personally, I think the sphinx is better used in another game. To me it just doesn't seem to fit in. Your multiple combinations to success seems enriching enough.

    The real fun in your game now is that it has a feel like that parking lot puzzle game you've probably seen before in many forms and it has items in it that need to be used in certain ways forcing different decisions in the car movement. As for shooting the enemy car it's kinda fun and kind of annoying.

    Seriously, on my Galaxy Tab, the load times seem quite long (is this due to large image files?) and not seeing a button actually respond to a press makes me wonder if the game really sensed my screen touch.

  • You get it! Madness Trip is optimized for tablets, but this does not prevent playing with mid

    range products (Smartphones (Android 4.0 to Up) ) as explain in the Play Store.

    Load times and sometimes application response are points that will be certainly improved in the

    future. Glad to heard that you have fun with Madness Trip do not hesitate to share it around you!

    Thxs again for feedbacks us and keep Following our activites!

  • Hi All,

    We have the pleasure to inform you that our game is available online on KONGREGATE :

    Enjoy it !! and be the best Madness Tripper !!


    Keep followings us !!

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