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  • Hi all!

    I've been developing a videogame with Construct2 and I just made it accesible to everyone as a beta testing demo.

    The url is this: milkshakedev.azurewebsites.net/weluvbunnies

    It's not mandatory to login to facebook since it's only for sharing stuff.

    There's a story mode with 7 stages, a Missions mode with 10 missions available and a Massacre mode which should be infinite, but till the moment there are only 4 waves of enemies.

    Could you give me your feedback please? =)

    I just need to replace some graphics and include more content in the game.

    I actually don't know what to do with the game... I don't know whether to include it in game portals when it's done or keep it as an Facebook game and make an android an iPhone version or I dunno...

    Thanks! =)

    <img src="http://milkshake.blob.core.windows.net/weluvbunnies/screenTitulo.jpg" border="0" />

    <img src="http://milkshake.blob.core.windows.net/weluvbunnies/screenMap.jpg" border="0" />

    <img src="http://milkshake.blob.core.windows.net/weluvbunnies/screenStory.jpg" border="0" />

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